10 Ideas To Repurpose The Old Boats

There is hidden beauty in the old things this is why DIY brings you repurposing ideas which can retrieve their beauty while serving another purpose. Here are 10 wonderful projects that can be done by an old boat.

1.Garden Boat

Garden Boat

This old boat can be your little movable garden on your compound and be a statement to every eye that sees it. You can plant your favorite plants according to the season and bring an earthly nature close to you. (pictures 1, 2, 7 & 10)

2.Garden Boat

3.Boat Bench

4.Boat Bench

5.Doorway Boat

Doorway Boat

This is another thing an old boat can do. It is a perfect way to give a warm welcome to your guests in your own unique style. It’s same garden idea but here with the boat standing vertically, painted and with plants or flowers near your entrance door.

6.Fountain Boat

Fountain Boat

On the other hand, here is a fountain made out of an old boat. It springs peace and warmth. This project is effortless and nothing expensive but creativity. You can place it at the centre of your garden and add stones around it or under the tree where you like to seat and watch the beauty of the sun sets.

7.Garden Boat

8.Fountain Boat

9.Boat Bench

Boat Bench

An old bench made into different forms of benches perfect for outdoor like near the swimming pool, warming yourself by the fire or a seat by your garden. It is a unique and very stylish bench that anyone would love to seat on.

10.Garden Boat

With the beauty of it, let your dreams and memories sail on these incredible boat decorations.