12 Amazing and Cheap Ideas for a Kitchen Makeover

Every once in a while there is need for a change in scenery. Whether it is a change of scenery outside your home or right in your home. Usually, changing of things in your house is pricey and difficult to do. We sometimes want to redecorate our bedrooms, sitting rooms or any other parts of our homes, but it is mostly expensive. If you are looking for a better and easier way to change the look of your kitchen, here are 12 simply great and affordable ways to redecorate your kitchen.

1. Sink shelves

Sink Shelves

Shelves by the sink are a good idea. You can easily add shelves by your kitchen sink. On these shelves, you can keep some of your dishes, making it easier for you if you wash dishes at the sink. On the shelves, you can place some potted plant just to bring the nature look into your kitchen.

2. Notice board

Notice Board

We usually stick lists to the refrigerator.  Every time you get a new list you throw away the old one and stick a new paper to your refrigerator. Well, this is a more convenient idea. Using a board is easier because all you have to do is clean it and write new things. This saves up on paper and the board can be of any size that you want.

3. Shelves and hooks

Shelves and hooks are cheaper and easier to install. So, instead of buying an entirely new cabinet for your kitchen, you can easily replace it with shelves and hooks. Shelves and hooks give your kitchen a friendly and open look and make it easy to access objects.

4. Open cabinet

Open Cabinet

This DIY involves layering up shelves to resemble a cabinet without walls and doors. With this idea, you get to keep your utensils in the same place, but the shelves will make your kitchen look completely different!

5. Rack and hooks

Rack and Hooks

With this idea, you have to hang a rack from the ceiling of your kitchen. It is better to hang this rack above the stove because it is for pots. On the rack, place some hooks. You will be able to hang your pots on the hooks. This will give your kitchen a nice professional look.

6. Step table

Step Table

Instead of using a usual table, you can do as shown in the image above. On the steps, you can place your food containers and on the base step, you can place the plates and cups to eat. This is such a creative way of bring a dining set into your kitchen. This gives the kitchen a classy look! It is also cheaper than buying a whole dining set.

7. Roll list

Roll List

This is also another way of making lists besides sticking them on the refrigerator. It is paper in the form of a roll. With this idea, you can use recyclable paper. Not only will this be cheaper than ordinary paper, your kitchen becomes environmentally friendly.

8. Painting


You can change the look of your kitchen by just painting it over. Just like that! By changing the color theme, your kitchen will look completely different and new! In addiction to painting, you can place a large board on a wall so to constantly write or draw designs every now and again.

9. Containers


Instead of using the same and usual containers for some of your things, you can decide to buy or make completely different ones. You can recycle glass bottles by using them as containers for things such as dish soap or even hand wash. This is both user and environmentally friendly.

10. Flooring


The floor of your kitchen makes all the difference. The floor is possibly the largest surface in your kitchen, and so if looks interesting, your kitchen will also look interesting. Change your kitchen floor and instead of using ordinary tiles, use tiles with both unique patterns and colors. But make sure that the color is according to your kitchen color theme.

11. Ssimple wooden trolley

Simple Wooden Trolley

This trolley may look simple, but, it adds a difference to the look of your kitchen. You can make sure that it is still in its natural color so to give your kitchen a natural look.

12. Cabinets


If your kitchen already had shelves, you can turn the shelves into cabinets. This will obviously make a difference to your kitchen. It might make user utensils look tidy.