12 DIY Space Saving Ideas On Wheels

12 DIY Space Saving Ideas On Wheels 4

For home owners who like to decorate their house, its often strenuous to move around some furniture. Often we find ourselves wanting to move something around and have a brilliant idea but we cant rip pout the fitted housing or we need a bunch of strong heavy lifters and end up letting it go. Below we have some creative ideas on wheels that you will love! These ideas are easy to make and easy to move around and therefore you can always redo your home every time the urge calls.

The dirty boots you don’t want mudding your house are always a problem as they dirty the floor you put them on, this rack will help  keep them on the floor and can be moved anywhere.

All the bedding you aren’t using in summer and need to stow away, this cabinet on wheels is easily accessible and can be put away in a closet for when ever you need it.

Don’t find yourself lacking space to chop up vegetables or preparing your favorite meal, this kitchen piece makes it easy for you to have the space you need and you can move it anywhere in the kitchen.

Similarly for small homeowners this kitchen piece simply made from pipes and wood needs no welding!

Kids’ toys that are all over the place can now have a storing area. This set is good for anything from toys, to old newspapers and books. It’s small and can be stowed easily under the bed

Your laundry no longer needs to be heavy, with this piece you can move your laundry around with ease and also move it around to where you have to fold and pack.

This kart can make a portable serving table, simply put your wines and food on it and can wheel it to wherever you want to serve, also great for homeowners with no outside table.

Similarly, you might prefer this table with wheels that can  simply be moved to any location in the house, a great table for outdoors, watch the sunset over dinner, or sunrise over breakfast by simply wheeling it away.

This toy box cabinet is easy to make. Another great way to keep a tidy home with a storage compartment for the kids Small and easy to stow away.

If you are one looking for a vintage/ industrial look this one is great for you .A multipurpose piece that can put shoes, blankets and baskets to keep other things in, definitely a great save spacing piece.

This beautiful cabinet brings a more romantic feel to the house, warm and elegant. It can be wheeled to any room of the house and does great in the bedroom too.

This creative table can be used as a table in the lounge, it brings a more natural look to your home. Book lovers can also keep their books in the small bottom shelves. Great for outdoors too

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