13 Great DIY Skills With Wood

Projects involving woods are easy and cool. Something about wood, you can never go wrong. It also covers almost every décor theme. You can decide to go with it naked or painted and both stands gorgeous. Wood decors will never grow old; they will always be in trend as long as trees exist. Today, I want to share with you some easy woodworking projects for your home decor. You may need three or more tools like driller, saw, tape measure, pencil and so on. I guarantee you, it is going to be fun putting these ideas into practice and own beautiful masterpieces made out of your own hands. Enough now, let‘s see what is there to share.

1.DIY Utensil Organizer

DIY Utensil Organizer

Nobody wants a messy kitchen. This should prevent you from it. It is a very simple wooden box built with sections for your utensils. This way, you will know where to get what. It saves you a lot of time and graces you with a beautiful and well organized kitchen.

2.Wooden Clothes Rack

Wooden Clothes Rack

This is one among easy DIY project compared to its result. It can be made in less than half an hour. It adds more space to hang your clothes in a neat and well organized manner. You can have it as an additional closet.

3.Round Wooden Shelf

Round Wooden Shelf

Shelves come in different shape, many know the rectangular ones but here is a round one. Isn’t it more stylish? It is not fixed on the wall rather hanged so it would be best to display things that won’t break easily in case of falls.

4.X-Shaped Coasters

X-Shaped Coasters

Coasters are essential in the kitchen and wooden ones are the best. These are very easy to make and they are fashionable. You should consider trying them. Save tea for your guest and have your table tops protected.

5.Wine Bottle & Glasses Holder

Wine Bottle & Glasses Holder

I love wine; I love it more when drinking with family and friends. And thanks to DIY for this incredible wooden holder that can save me energy and time to carry the bottle and glasses. It is easy, fast and classy.

6.DIY Wooden Bookends

DIY Wooden Bookends

Reclaimed wood can do this project. If you are a reader, I think accent touch won’t hurt. Make these without any formula and keep your books straight on your table or bookshelf.

7.Garden Shelf

Garden Shelf

Gardens speak best with woods. If you love your garden, you should love woodworking. This shelf can be purposed as a garden planter or even a potting tool organizer. It is painted of course, to bring color.

8.DIY Bottle Opener

DIY Bottle Opener

Maintain a clean environment, free from bottle leads by crafting a simple bottle opener designed to swallow the leads at the same time. These bottle caps can be usefull for other DIY projects, there are plenty of them.

9.DIY Wooden Arrow

DIY Wooden Arrow

Is your wall too plain? Wood art can spice it up. These are little wooden pieces of the same size, joined to give an arrow sign and stuck on the wall. It is a beautiful décor for a bedroom or hallway.

10.Incredible Bottle Holder

Incredible Bottle Holder

It is not necessary to build a whole indoor bar. You can make a place to store wines and Champaign without using a single cent. This is just one wooden bar with holes to insert the bottle necks and hang them upside down. It is cheap but unique.

11.Wooden iPad Holder

Wooden iPad Holder

Any accessory for Apple products is just too expensive. But with DIY, you can have better accessory, unique and for less cost. Here is an iPad holder from a simple wood.

12.DIY Candle Bench

DIY Candle Bench

Candles are beautiful decors which go with any event. They accompany both happy and sad atmosphere. They may be placed on different surfaces but preferably smooth and plain ones to prevent them from falling. A wooden bench will do.

13.Sofa's Little Side Table

Sofa’s Little Side Table

Enjoy a cup of coffee on the most comfortable wooden side table. With this, it is hard to spill coffee on your sofas.  It is easy to make and serves a great purpose always.