15 Amazing Ideas for Greenhouse Designs

11. Plastic Greenhouse

There are many advantages to having a greenhouse. Advantages, such as, being able to have an all year supply of some of your favorite plants such as flowers and vegetables, and being able to watch the plants grow right in your backyard. If you are interested in this, here are 15 incredible designs to help you build an awesomely shaped greenhouse for your liking. These greenhouse designs are just the right size to fit in your back yard.

1. DIY Rustic Window Greenhouse

DIY Rustic Window Greenhouse

This greenhouse is basically windows that are attached to the wooden outline of the greenhouse to form glass window walls. This is a creative way to buy the greenhouse. This greenhouse is big enough in terms of height for you to be able to stand upright in it as you tend to your plants.

2. Square Greenhouse

Square Greenhouse

This design is in the form of a square. It is also big enough in terms of height for you to be able to stand upright as you tend to your plants. This design is also made up out of glass.

3. Simple Greenhouse

Simple Greenhouse

This is quite a simple greenhouse. It is made out of clear plastic and wood. You can place the clear plastic on top of the wooden frame and secure it to the frame by using pieces of a hose pipe. This will make sure that the plastic will not be blown away by wind of removed no matter how heavy rain is.

4. Open Top Greenhouse

Open Top Greenhouse

The top of this greenhouse is made up of thin wire attached to a wooden boarder and clear plastic paper tightly fitted to the thin wire and the boarder. Chains are used so to connect the top lip to the bottom floor of the green house. The chain also ensures that the lid does not fall off when the greenhouse is opened.

5. Igloo Greenhouse

Igloo Greenhouse

If you want to get creative with the shape of your greenhouse, you should use this igloo design. It is made of wood, for the frame of the greenhouse and plastic to cover the gaps. This design is quite wide, meaning you can use it for more plants. The height is also good if you prefer standing upright as you look at your plants. Because it is big and wide, you can also make a shelf around the greenhouse so to be able to put more plants.

6. Curved Top Greenhouse

Curved Top Greenhouse

This is basically a similar version of the Open Top Greenhouse. With this greenhouse, you are able to move it from one location to the next with ease because it is quite small in size.

7. Cabin Greenhouse

Cabin Greenhouse

If you are planning to use a greenhouse to plant plants that grow quite tall, or have growing vines, then this design is perfect for you. It is shaped like a one-roomed cabin, meaning it is also quite big in terms of the height. Because of this, you will be able to build in some structures to let vines grow on.

8. Barn Greenhouse

Barn Greenhouse

If you have a barn or a shed in your yard, then you can use this design. It is basically joined to the barn or shed, meaning that one of the walls for the greenhouse is part of the barn or shed. This is also perfect if you have a limited supply of material. You can place some straw or hay around the greenhouse if it’s on a farm. This will make the greenhouse not look out of place.

9. Bullet-shaped Greenhouse

Bullet-shaped Greenhouse

The design for this greenhouse has a pointed top, so it has the shape of a bullet. Another awesome part about this greenhouse design is that it is made out of a wooden frame, and plastic bottles. This is a great way of recycling the abundant of plastic bottles that you have.

10. Side Room Greenhouse

Side Room Greenhouse

This greenhouse is built on the side of the house. This is quite convenient for you, when you want to check on your plants in bad weather. The top of this greenhouse gets completely opened, giving you more than enough space to be able to stand upright. Because this design is attached to the house, you can decide to plant in it flowers. This will also serve as decoration for the outside of your house.

11. Plastic Greenhouse

Plastic Greenhouse

This is the easiest greenhouse to make. It basically is a wooden frame with a clear plastic paper thrown over it. This design is quite small and is perfect if you do not have much to plant.

12. Tight Fitting Greenhouse

Tight Fitting Greenhouse

The design for this greenhouse is quite long. It is also big in terms of height, meaning you can easily stand in it. The top for this design does not come off, but rather it has a door in the front.

13. DIY Portable Greenhouse

DIY Portable Greenhouse

A small design for greenhouse means you can easily move the greenhouse so to put in in a different place each time. This design is perfect if you want to bring the greenhouse into your home. It is small enough to be placed on a table.

14. Ball Greenhouse

Ball Greenhouse

Shapes for designs matter to some people. If you think like that, well then, this ball of a greenhouse is great for you. It is made up of glass, so make sure that the frame is the one that makes the ball shape.

15. Strong Plastic Greenhouse

Strong Plastic Greenhouse

Strong plastic looks a little like glass. So for this design, the plastic cover needs to be attached properly to the frame for it to hold.

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