15 Brilliant Ideas for Your Balcony

7. Shelves

Fresh air is an important part of life. No matter where you live, there is no reason why you should not have a place where you can go and just sit and enjoy the fresh air. There is always that one day during summer that I love to just go out and enjoy a nice picnic with my family and friends. I usually do not go far, but simply walk out onto my balcony. Making your balcony comfortable and friendly means you can also easily have these days out. Here are some great ideas for you to try on your balcony.

Open Cover Table

This table is perfect if you are trying to create space on your balcony. You can drop the cover to make a table whenever you need it, and then fold it up again to create more room to sit and relax. This table is really convenient especially if you add a few shelves so that you will be able to place a few objects when the table is dropped.

Candle Moonlight

Candle lights make the best effects ever! So, if you want to sit on your balcony at night, you could switch on some candles, scented if you prefer, and sit out and enjoy yourself. This will be much more relaxing than having electrical lights on.

Vertical Gardening

I love the smell of nature around me. If you are like me, then you must try this idea on your balcony. It involves attaching a rack to your wall on the balcony. On the rack, you are to place some plants. This will not only be giving you an allowance for more plants, but it will allow you to create more space on the ground as well.

Colorful Balcony

Color is everything!  Bright and vibrant colors tend to be more welcoming. So, for your balcony, you can choose to have a particular color theme to create the effect that you want. Whether you want bright colors, calming colors or just a mix match of all the colors.

Hanging Chair

This chair is perfect for your balcony. It helps with relaxing and calming. By sitting on the chair, you can decide to sway. This will definitely help you relax. Your children are definitely going to enjoy these chairs as well.

Recycling Pots

You can also hang plants on your balcony. For the pots, you can recycle some of your light bulbs. The glass on the bulbs will create a classy feel to your balcony.


Shelves help create space on the ground. The wider and bigger the shelf the more you can place on the shelf. The shelves can be used for anything your please. You place on them plants, candles or even cushions.

Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are brilliant for the balcony. You can use them as tables and place on them plants or use them to write on, or for that glass of wine you use for relaxing! You can paint the wooden crate so that it matches with the rest of the colors on your balcony.

Folding Bench

These benches are such a creative idea! You can easily bring them out when you need to sit and then fold them back to the floor when you do not need them anymore. There is so much creativity from this because the bench blends in well with the floor when they are folded.

Wooden Crate Shelves

Instead of having ordinary and plain shelves, you can decide to use wooden crates as shelves. You should pile them up into any pattern that suits you well. This is creative and artsy.

Lining Bench

To create more room on your balcony, you can install a bench that lines the wall of your balcony. This will be quite a large space to sit, and at the same time, create room on the other parts of the balcony so to place whatever you see fit.

Folding Table

This is a simple folding table. It is easy to fix onto your balcony. Because it is quite a simple table, you can add a little more pizzazz by painting the table a nice bright color.

Wall Gardening

Choose a wall on your balcony, and then attach to it a rack. On the rack, place pots of plants. Make the whole wall a vertical garden. The beautiful smell of nature will be all around you as you sit on your balcony.

Plant Pot on Rail

If you have a rail on your balcony, then you must try this idea. You will have pots that can sit on the rail and be steady. This is one way you can decorate the railing of your balcony. It is quite creative.

Wooden Theme

I personally love wooden themes. Your balcony can be completely wooden. Wooden floor and the rest of the furniture as well. This is unique and creative.

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