15 Classy Bathroom Hacks

2. Hanging cabinet

If you are like me, and like your bathroom clean, tidy and orderly, then this is exactly what you need to read! Get to learn some incredible ways you can keep your bathroom objects nice and clean, and at the same time make more space in your bathroom. The more the space there is on your bathroom floor, the bigger your bathroom will look. Here are ways you can keep the object in your bathroom nice and in order. After you read this, you will be able to know how to keep objects such as towels, tissue paper, soaps and bath spices in an impressively tidy manner.

Multi-Shelved Cabinet

To make your bathroom less crowded, you can put in it a cabinet with many shelves. This will help you keep all your objects in one place, meaning, less things in your bathroom. In the cabinet, you can keep your towels, tissue paper and even soaps.

Hanging Cabinet

A hanging cabinet provides more space on the floor of your bathroom. You can design it as shown in the picture, with one part with cabinet doors so to store the object that are not met for all to access, and the bottom shelves which are open so create easy access to whatever is placed there.

Long Sink Cabinet

Instead of having the usual short cabinet under your bathroom mirror and sink, you can add on a taller part by the side. Again, this idea promotes more storage space for you. It also allows you to have all your bathroom objects in place so to avoid crowdedness.

Simple Cabinet

This DIY is quite simple, and yet still elegant. It involves a simple shelved cabinet. You can easily keep your folded or rolled towels in it. The glass door help to show what is in the cabinet so to create easy access to the towels. To add a little touch of creativity, you can place on top of the cabinet a jar of pebbles, flower pot or even a simple picture.

Shelved Cabinet

This cabinet contains both shelves and drawers. This provides more storage space for you. On the shelves you can place your towels or tissue papers. This will be easier for people to access these. Then in the drawers, you can place your soaps, spices, candles etc. The glass doors on the cabinet add a final touch of class to your cabinet.

Short Cabinet

This short cabinet creates a simplicity feel to a room. You can still place objects on top of it. You can add  a shelf or two on top of the cabinet. These shelves can be used to place some simple decorations for your bathroom such as, a plant or jars of pebbles.

Shelved Sink Table

As shown in the picture, you do not necessarily need to place your bathroom sink on a ordinary cabinet. Change things a little and use table shaped cabinet. This creates a friendly feel to your bathroom. The table cabinet can have as many shelves as you like, but, the less the shelves, the simpler and friendlier it is. You can choose to use baskets to store your things on the shelves, or directly place the objects there.

Hanging Cabinet 2

This cabinet can be placed close to your shower or bath. This is because you can use this hanging cabinet to store your bath oils, soaps and even hang your bathing sponge or brush. You can place on it a simple plant to give out that natural and easy look.

Walk in cabinet

In the picture above, the cabinet is placed a little inside the wall to create a little bit of space to use it as a walk in cabinet. This is an amazing idea because it will seem like you store your bathroom objects in a different room thus creating more space in the actual bathroom.

Walk in Closet

This is almost like the Walk in Cabinet, but the difference is that this has doors. The doors will enable you to keep your stored objects out of reach unless when needed. When the doors are closed, it will make the bathroom less crowded.

Semi Walk in Shelves

This idea involves just shelves, not attached to a cabinet, but directly to the wall. The shelves are also placed a liitle into the wall. Because the shelved are not connected to any thing with a door, you can cover them up with curtains.


You can easily add shelved to your bathroom. The shelves can be placed by the side of the bathroom sink and the mirror. This creates easy access to the objects placed on the shelves. You can choose to paint the shelves into any color you please, or, leave them in their natural light wood color.

DIY Toilet Storage

This DIY allows you to keep tissue paper in a basket on top of the toilet. This means people will be able to easily replace the empty tissue roll. You can place a simply rack by the toilet and place on the rack magazines or any reading material.

DIY Pallet Hooks

Instead of using ordinary hooks for your towels, you can place on the wall a wooden board with hooks on it. The natural mahogany color of the wood will bring contrast to the room, especially if your bathroom colors are bright. On the piece of wood, you can add hooks so to hook your towels.

DIY Bathroom Hack

This is such an amazing and creative bathroom hack. Basically instead of doing the norm of placing the bathroom sink on a cabinet, you can choose to do things differently all together. You can hang you sink to the wall without a cabinet at all. As shown in the picture, it gives your bathroom a classy vintage look!

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