15 DIY Bold But Easy Bathroom Projects

15 DIY Bold But Easy Bathroom Projects 6

15 DIY Bold But Easy Bathroom Projects 6

15 DIY Bold But Easy Bathroom Projects

Looking for ways and tips to more easily repair and renovate some things and places in the bathroom, quickly clean the bathroom, and keep it neat and looking good for a long time? Well, you came to the right place. Sometimes the already installed components of a bathroom and the arrangement of them seem untidy and become dirty and inoperable, or you just want to revive the look and feel of a sink or tiles. All too often, the ventilation fan or towel hanger bar becomes squeaky or unusable. Don’t worry – we also have a fix for those. Whatever you like and whatever is necessary, these 15 easy DIY projects are good for you. We’re sure that you will like all of them, and use most. Just visit your local home improvement and hardware store to get the items that you will need. By using just a few tools, some time, your “smarts” and “elbow grease”, you can make everyone’s bathing and primping experiences better. Alright, let’s be bold and revitalize the bathroom right!


Standalone Sink: If you think the already existing vanity needs to be replace, then do so with a cute pedestal sink.

Prevent Mold: Mold can greet at every nook, cranny and corner but it isn’t your friend. Say goodbye to mold by cleaning areas with chlorine-bleach.

Totally Tiling: Rip out old flooring and replace it with new colorful tiles. Ceramic looks best, and new-age composite tiles are the most durable.

Unclog a Drain: Sometimes the drain gets clogged and water won’t flow through. Unclog it without a hassle and without chemicals.

Smooth-out the Scratches: Get a filler or craft pencil and erase traces of scratches on wood, plastic or composite surfaces. For ceramic surfaces, try white caulk.

Sensible Storage: Install pegs or drawers handles into a shower wall, and hang soap racks from the wall.

Fix a Fan: Is the ceiling fan just noisy? Then replace it with a nice all-in-one snap-in fan that will ventilate all the problems away.

Buff Away: You know that machine which buffs your car? Well use it too in the bathroom to bring buff power for cleaning quickly.

Trim Replacements: Just like a car could use new wheels or hubcaps, the faucets in a bathroom can too.

Very Ventilating: Air out two bathrooms with one good vacuum fan installed in the attick.

Re-Grout Walls: Etch out the old grout between tiles, and apply new-age and longer-lasting synthetic grout.

Handle Bars: Get a hold of yourself! Haha. But seriously, install a few handle-grab bars onto different places of walls to let you get in and out of the tub or shower more easily.

Tenacious Towel Bar: Similar to the previous idea, give your towels a better more sturdy home by fixing those loose towel hanger bars.

Solve Water Stains: Those wacky gritty water stains in bathrooms can me so unpleasant. Get them out of there easily.

Fix a Toilet: Is your toilet running? Well, you better catch it! Haha. Replace gaskets, washers and valves to make sure your toilet doesn’t run away anymore.

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