15 DIY Ideas For Preserving Space

15 DIY Ideas For Preserving Space 12

We all know how annoying it is to be in an untidy house. Sometimes it is not that you don’t clean enough but just lack the space to store unwanted or no often used things. Well rest assured we bring you storage ideas that are easy and cost effective.

1. This crate will store various things from your children’s toys to old magazines and newspapers really the choice is yours.

2. My personal favorite. Not only does this work as storage it also serves a great deal in your décor. It is simple and modern. It is perfect for young people living in studio apartments and so on.

3. So you are tired of having to pick up books from the floor because kids will always be kids really. Stop an unseen corner and pin on to your wall these mini crate book drawers for your kids to throw their books in after studying.

4. These storage bins are perfect for stationary and one can have them made in different colors to add a bit of color.  This is actually a great idea for college students who live on camp and at home.

5. With the kitchen island garbage bin you are able to at least avoid having a visible bin. It is hidden and makes the kitchen appear much neater.

6. We understand that having kids is space consuming with all their toys and school necessities. With this storage bed you get to have all their things stored away neatly and sorted out in order so it makes life easier for you as the parent.

7. Wall shelves can be made from old pallets and are very stylish. Look how they can save space with having your plants on the wall instead of on your floor.

8, The drawers on the coffee table will save you tremendous space. Be able to store all your newspapers including other things laying around in the living room.

9. Even your chairs can help you keep the house tidy and store some unwanted things in the living room.

10. This works perfect for your outdoor events also as you can use it as a bench for seating or table when you host those lunches. Once done you can put your outdoor stuff such as barbeque essentials in there to store.

11. Kids can be a handful and they can have their toys and books everywhere in the house. To prevent that you might want to consider a shelf like this one that will enable them to have all their belongings put in one place. This will also teach them how to be responsible for their belongings too!

12.  Create a fruit basket with a robe. It looks authentic and natural.

13. So you have those seasonal items that are used on occasion such as Christmas gift wrapping paper. Well here is how you can store them during the time you are not using them.

14. One of my personal favorites. Not only does it help you sort your things but always to have them organized which saves you ample time as you know where things are located.

15. If you are a dog lover then this is yours. Your pet also gets to eat in style!

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