15 Fantastic Summer Garden Ideas

11.DIY Succulent Turtle

It is now time you upgrade the look of your front or back yard with walkways, shrubbery, gardens and more. Surprise your visitors each season they walk into your house. Don’t just have the same appearance years and years. Now that is summer, you need colors around you and this can easily be achieved by gardening ideas where you will plant many different plants and flowers. One thing I know for sure is, it will cheer up your mood every time you walk in or out the house.

There are so many landscaping ideas for summer, ones that will spice up your gardens so they don’t look like any other ordinary garden. Scroll down the list of what I have collected for you.

Motorcycle License Plates Flower

Do you like flowers? What about his one? It is a compilation of motorcycle license plates, spread out from one focal point and sunk into the ground by a piece of rebar as a stem.

The Garden Thing

These little cute things are garden accessory and can be made simply. It is basically gluing the long and thin stones on a big perpendicular one. Paint the eyes in white and black at their centers. Use water proof paint, let them dry and you are done.

Fairy Folk Garden

This is among the trending gardening ideas because it is like you are architecture of your own ideal fairy story. If you have a large tree nearby, you can do this on it. It is a great project to do with your daughter.

Garden Treasure Jars

This is one of my projects that my kids and I enjoy to do. These are food jars, decorated with some flat bottomed marbles which look like gems. These gems glow in the evening in the presence of the light; you may consider little solar lights.

Watering Can

If you are a gardener, I know you know this but maybe you haven’t notice that that is not water. Look closer, that’s not water. Yes it is a watering can but pouring crystals. All you need is an old watering can and chandelier crystals.

DIY Tire Planters

May be it is time you change your garden planters. Plant beautiful flowers in the most beautiful planter which costs nothing than an old tire, paintings and a knife. I must say the cutting won’t as easy and it is going to take some muscle.

Earth-Wise Owls

This is an interesting and easy project which can be achieved by a recycled cardboard and a kitchen spoon. I have seen a lot of owls’ projects in Pinterest lately and I wanted to try one.

DIY Letter Art

You can also color the walls of your garden with beautiful words on it. It is heartwarming and makes you feel at home. You may add lights to them and they will glow at night. What a beautiful view will it be?

Caged Rock Fountain

Fountains can be really expensive to build but thanks to DIY, now you can make one yourself which is very affordable and adorable. It complements the garden no matter how ugly it may seem.

DIY Water Wall

I walked into one private hospital and there was a huge water wall. I couldn’t stop starring at it. The more I looked at it, the more I felt healed and the more I found my heart being calmed. From that day, I knew I needed one for my home too.

DIY Succulent Turtle

Succulents are good indoor planting ideas because they are easy to manage, they require less water and are quite good display in the room, office and kitchen. Add some green to your life.

DIY Succulent Chair Planter

Do you have an old chair? Perhaps we can work on recycling it into a beautiful garden piece of art and make a difference to its appearance. It is a simple project holding great value.

DIY Hand Cup Planter

There is a beauty in holding precious things in your hands. It presents the affection, care and protection for it. Flowers are precious things; their beauty deserves such artistic planter.

DIY Garden Markers

Garden markers are little details that can help you identify plant species or mark a boarder. You can make some by recycling the BBQ Skewers and make your gardening life easier and funnier.

DIY Stone Art

You can also use stones to design a ground art that will attract eyes and beautify your garden. Just go to the beach and collect tones of those and make the size you want, whatever the design you prefer.

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