16 Easy DIY Bathroom Projects

16 Easy DIY Bathroom Projects 6

Every bathroom deserves to look as good as or even better than the other rooms of a home. “Why?,” you ask. Because the bathroom is like a second “heart” of the home, after the kitchen, and the color shape and design of everything in your bathroom will greatly reflect your character and creativity to everyone who visits your potty parlor of your humble home. Of course you don’t want people think you have only old fashioned decorations or just no decor to show off at all, but instead you’ll be glad to know that these fifteen wonderful do-it-yourself tips can brighten up any bathroom. From tidy towel hanging, storage of your hygiene items, shelf design to wall stenciling, we got some good ideas for you! These nice tips will change your gaudy potty parlor into a bold bodacious bathroom! So let’s get started to de-gaud and de-antique, and install some new fresh remodeling effects in your bathroom.

Fiest your eyes on a wooden ladder, repaint it and use it as a multi-rung towel hanger.

Fetch an animal figure from a discount store, drill some holes in its top and paint it to make an attractive toothbrush holder.

Add a revolutionary riveting rustic touch to your plain shelves with some simple small branches you find outdoors.

Look for different colors of thick sheets of crafty felt, cut and fasten circles together to produce this stylish floor mat.

Make your vanity even more useful by affixing a long drawer or cupboard handle to the side of the vanity, you’ll have a cute towerl hanger.

Do you think that some of your décor-accessories may be a little dull? Well, then, refresh them with some colorful or glossy paint

Be sure to setup a writing board in your medicine cabinet, and then everyday you can write an inspirational message for everyone to see.

Recycle and rejuvenate pickle and other glass jars by fastening cute handles to their tops and using them small toiletries.

Browse a discount shop or outdoor market to fetch a simple table, and then renew with some coats of shiny paint to make a savory soap table.

Easily put a marvelous mirror on the wall by getting a beat-up looking glass and refinishing it with white paint and strips of glossy vinyl tapes.

Improve the organization of storage bins and baskets by labeling them with a permanent marker.

When you see a wall-shelf, then we see an opportunity to make it even more useful. Just add a wooden bar underneath the shelf to hang towels from.

Add artistic accent and color to a wall by stenciling classic patterns of a contrasting color onto walls.

Look around for aging or antique furniture, pull out its drawers, and reuse them as natural looking storage bins  that you can put anywhere.

For an awesome display of your fondness for animals, or to bring the beach to your bathroom, stick some animal decals onto tiles and walls such as crabs and seashells.

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