18 Incredible Rustic DIYs for the Bathroom

11. Burlap Rubbish bin

When it comes to decorating of bathrooms it is very important to use decorative themes that will make the bathroom look friendly. It is very possible to bring some creativity into your bathroom decorations and manage to make the room look classy and appropriate. Take a look at these great DIYs that you can try out so to bring the amazing rustic theme into your bathrooms. These ideas are quite simple to follow up and will give you the perfect effect that is necessary to make the bathroom look rustic and absolutely lovely.

1. Simple Jar Lightbulb Covers

The main point of using the rustic theme is to bring forth and make something that is so plain and simple and turn it into a beautiful decoration. You can simply place some mason jars over the light bulbs in the bathroom and hey will look absolutely lovely. This is quite an affordable DIY for you to try out.

2. DIY Bathtub Caddy

For those times that you need to just soak up in a bathtub and have a relaxing glass of wine, this caddy definitely comes in handy. It is simply a piece of wood that can easily rest on the tub in a stable way and can have objects placed on it. For the caddy, you can use a natural colored piece of wood or you can paint over it with some white wash so to leave it looking as simple as it can look.

3. Rustic Bath Caddy

This caddy is still simple, but it has a little more detail. It has some more evident details such as, dents that allow you to place your phone, and dents for wine classes to rest on steadily. You can also add some other detail such some simple engraved patterns.

4. DIY Birch Wall Hooks

These are definitely some incredibly unique wall hooks. They can be made from some ordinary logs. You can use some sandpaper to make the edges of the hooks smoother so to avoid accidents. For these, you can also leave them in their natural colors or, you could use a little whitewash over them.

5. Barrel Sink Basin

If you want to take creativity to a whole new level, you can use this DIY. You can use an ordinary barrel and add a basin to it. You can use a marble sink basin that has colors that are similar to the colors of the barrel, this way; the colors blend in well to make it look as though the whole sink is made out of wood.

6. Wooden Theme Bathroom

By incorporating wood into your bathroom décor, you can achieve the rustic theme to its fullest! The wood will make it look predated and rural thus, looking rustic and lovely. Those who will get to see the bathroom surely will get quite impressed by this look.

7. White Wash Walls

Using white wash to paint over wood definitely brings out a lovely rustic theme. The white wash will make the wooden wall look as if it has paint that has been wearing off with time. This is definitely what you need to help bring out that rustic look. You can then choose to place against the white wash wall some furniture that will blend in with the color. This will make it look plain, simple and absolutely rustic.

8. Wooden Basket Shelf

This DIY is absolutely amazing. It involves using a basket made out of wood or straw, in its natural color as a shelf. This shelf can be hung on a hook and in it, you can keep your towels. To complete the look, you can make sure that the colors of the towels you keep on this shelf have a color that is not too loud or too dull, but, works well with the color of the shelf.

9. Pipe Tissue Holder

For the tissue holder, you can use the curvy part of a pipe. It definitely is not every day that you see this kind out an issue holder. So if you are going to be unique, then you can definitely try this DIY out. To complete this look, you can add a piece of well-vanished wood, and on it, you can place a candle or some dried flowers.

10. DIY Box Shelves

You can make these box shelves with some natural colored wood. On the shelves, you can place any objects that are in colors that are similar to that of the shelf, or at least similar to the color of the shelf. You can use these shelves to place some towels, candles or even your bathroom plants.

11. Burlap Rubbish bin

Burlap rope is absolutely great to use when it comes to the rustic theme. And, for your bathroom rubbish bin, you can make one with some burlap rope. You simply have to wrap and stick the burlap rope around an ordinary and simple rubbish bin. You only have to use the burlap thread for the outside of the bin, and for the inside, you can use your ordinary garbage bags.

12. DIY Mason Jar Scone Light

For this DIY, you will also have to use mason jars. Only this time, the mason jars that yo use do not have to be plain and all clear. You can use some lightly colored mason jars. It would be best to use the mason jars that are will work well with the color theme in your bathroom.

13. DIY Rustic Ladder

You might be wondering why one would need a ladder in their bathroom. Well, you can use a ladder as a rack where you can hang your towels. This is quite a creative and unique piece of furniture that you can use for your bathroom.

14. Metal Basin Shelf

Metal Basins are more or less vintage and definitely have a touch of the rural simplicity look. This is perfect for achieving the rustic look. You can divide the inside of the basin with some wooden pieces so the make more space to store your belongings. You can choose to either hang the basin on a hook or directly drill it into the wall, just as looking as it will be steady.

15. DIY Door Corner Shelf

To make these corner shelves, you can use an old door. Make sure that the color of the shelves blend in well with the rest of the bathroom. This is quite a creative DIY for you to try out.

16. DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

This DIY basically involves using pipes for the shelf brackets. This is quite unique and absolutely creative as well. You can choose to paint over the pipes in colors that will make them look artsy and classy at the same time.

17. Easy Rustic Bathroom Shelf

To make this bathroom shelf, you basically have to use some pallet wood. The wood that you use has to be of different colors but the colors have to be the natural wood colors. The color and the simple look of the shelves is what brings the rustic theme to the shelves.

18. Horse Shoe Detail

For a great rustic and countryside look for your shelves, you can add some horseshoes for detail. This is definitely taking creativity to a whole new level.  The color of the horseshoes should be that that blends in well with the color of the shelves.

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