19 DIY Idea To Play With Old Furniture

19 DIY Idea To Play With Old Furniture 16

Our home is our heaven and it should resemble exactly. However achieving this can cost an arm and leg and we know that in today’s economy spending on furniture is something not many can afford. Rest assure we have several ideas to sparkle your décor without denting your bank account. Thank me later!

1. We all have that old unwanted side table. See how you can use it as an outdoor planter in your garden or even front porch.

2. If your grand piano has served its purpose save yourself that trip to the dumping site and transform it into a beautiful and unique book shelf.

3. One of my personal favorites. If you are into simplicity and natural looks for the bedroom then this is most definitely for you. It is rustic perfection.

4. Still in your bedroom if you are more for the elegant look check out how you can transform an old office table to a pair of beautiful and colorful night stands.

5. Your old book shelf can create an amazing padded shelf. You also get the chance to play around with the fabric and pick and choose your favorite color and patterns.

6. We understand that kids grow up quick so no need to buy another bed once your infant is a toddler. All you simply have to do is transform your old crib and voila!

7. Transform that old bookshelf into a mini hanging closets where you can have all your favorite coats hanging. You may also consider having it by your entrance for your guests.

8. Perfect idea! Reusing your baby’s cot to cater for their toddler activities so you don’t have to constantly spend money.

9. When they are disposing old office cabinets at work score yourself one for you can definitely put it to good use in your garden.

10. Your old dining chairs will make the most elegant garden benches in your garden. Four sure your guests will feel like they are either in Paris or Italy.

11. Perfect idea for your bathroom giving it a very antique and expensive feel to it. This will most definitely save you a lot of money when remaking your bathroom.

12. This simple DIY trick will bring so much life to your outdoor area and it’s exactly what you need this summer.

13. Here is another idea for your old cot. This is a great idea for displaying your china.

14. Capture memories and good time with friends and family by transforming this old string base for an old cot to a memory board.

15. This will help save you space and put your old chairs to good use. It is a perfect idea for new home owners or young people. Just get mum to donate her old chairs.

16. We know that raising children is expensive. How about to transform your old table to a play table for them then you cut down on spending on them.

17. Watch how this old coffee table transforms into this elegant ottoman. This has royal written all over it. By far the best idea.

18. When your renovators are tearing your old kitchen unit apart make sure you keep the cabinet doors to make these cute art display boards.

19. Have your pet sleep in style by changing this old piece of furniture into a multi-purpose pet bed that is also a side table for you.

There you have it 19 great DIY ideas with old furniture. Now go out there and create your heaven. Enjoy!

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