20 Amazing DIY Ideas For Furniture

20 Amazing DIY ideas for furniture 16

20 Amazing DIY ideas for furniture 16

20 Amazing DIY Ideas For Furniture

Unfortunately in the world we live in luxuries such as new modern furniture cost a human organ to afford however the economy and standard of living is on the decline. We simply cannot afford luxuries! If you share the sentiment as us rest assured we got you covered. Here are a few DIY ideas for your furniture to look brand new without having to foot the bill with your left kidney!

1. This here is absolute magic. Real transformation. This old cabinet transforms to become the most beautiful kitchen island. A real Cinderella story.

2. Doors age interestingly. When used again they look vintage and brig out sophistication just as the case with this head board. Sometimes even the best way is just to run on it with sand paper and vanish and leave in as pure and natural as that.

3. By no means are we encouraging deforestation but if you have a stump from an old cut tree I suggest you make use of it. Cut it to make this cute coffee table. It is nice, rustic and woody.

4. We know how annoying it is to have a chest of drawers back then just lying in your store room and let’s not get started on how much space it consumes. Here is an idea of how you can reuse.

5. This old drawer transforms into this beautiful cushioned stool that is perfect for your living room or at the corner of your dining room. It looks vintage and very expensive.

6. Here is another cost saving idea for your old bi fold closet that changes into a book shelf. You can also just have it be a storage shelf if it’s in the bed room with your cosmetics and jewelry.

7. With the evolution of TV stands it’s only economical to start finding ways to make our old ways modern. Check how this old TV stands moves with the times and transform into this cheek antique master piece.

8. Here is another masterpiece. Transforming what most would take to the junk yard into a beautiful and effective piece of furniture.

9. Possibly the easiest and is my personal favorite. This old step ladder transforms into a beautiful hanging ladder in the toilet or even bathroom. This is absolute genius.

10. Have an old vase painted and used as the stand for your lamp. You can even make your own lamp cover with an old colored sheet with patterns of your choice.

11. See how you can also paint an old stool and transform it into a tool organizer that will save you time from constantly looking for and sorting out your tools.

12. Your old car tire also doesn’t have to see the inside of a dumping site. See how you can make a robe covered ottoman.

13. Your old drawers can become great walled shelves that can be used to display some of your favorite items such as photos.

14. You can also make from pallets from old doors a cooler box.  This is a great idea and it makes your color box durable.

15. Amazing how this old farm bed turns into the most beautiful antique garden bench for you and your family. This is a must have.

16. Put your old dining room stairs to great use. This bench is perfect for the hallway.

17. This old dresser transforms into a beautiful vintage looking bench that will be the envy of your friends!

18.  Capture memories in this amazing photo frame made of an old door.

19. Spice up your old drawer and turn it into a new modern drawer set with basket shelves.

20. With summer here this is one of the best reuses. Make use of that old barbeque stand and turn it into a mini out door bar.

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