25 Amazing Red and White DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

25 Amazing Red and White DIY Christmas Decor Ideas 25

It is finally that time of the year! The time for festivities and families coming together. It is imperative that your décor brings out that festive feeling however we want you to stay in budget lest you have a painful January. Worry not we are here to give you affordable decor ideas.

This here is perfect for you dining area. Not only does it give your home a rustic feel but it sticks to your favorite Christmas colors.

Wall art is a perfect way enhancing your Christmas décor. You can make pieces that are personal with quotes for your family. Another advantage is that you are able to put away the pieces to use for the following festive season

Your fire place décor does not have to be boring and too traditional. Here is how you can bring up some elegance and sophistication in it.

Sometimes it is usually best to go with a simple, plain look but capitalize more on your center pieces. Take out your glass vases for they are about to give you the best center pieces this Christmas.

We know each door on your neighborhood will have the same traditional Christmas wreath. How about you be different this year and create your own snow flake door wreath. You can never go wrong with white.

Here is another center piece idea for your home. You can achieve this by using old pallets to make the box for your painted Jason jars. Also you can let your imagination run with the different kind of colors and patterns on either the box or the jars.

There is something very elegant and sophisticated about white regardless of the occasion. We also know that white and red are a killer combination for the festive. Here is how you can decorate your home with the ultimate modern white Christmas tree. This here is a must have.

We never want you to neglect your outdoors. For those who are blessed to be in the summer season or have warm weather over the festive weather this one is for you.

Here is another easy but efficient décor idea for your Christmas tree.

Christmas is not only family time but you need to steal some romance with your loved one? How cute is this rustic woodland inspired décor for that? Romantic and intimate.

Here is another woodland inspired interior décor. This is perfect for those family nights when you are watching your all time festive movies over hot chocolate with the family.

Your dining table should actually be your priority when decorating as that is where your guests will spend most of their time when visiting. Ordinary candles will not cut it this festive season. Here is how you can bring a bit of life to your plain candles.

There is another idea for a festive décor inspired lounging corner.

Once again if you have a simple living room or dining room with plain colors and curtains you may try this look. Simply insert baubles on your curtain rods.

Remember dull candles are a no no this festive season so pimp up your handles so that they can bring out the best of your dining decor.

Be extra ordinary with this ribbon wreath for you door and let your neighbors watch in envy as they still put up traditional Christmas wreaths.

What says Christmas than a beautifully decorated Christmas tree? Add some red and white to get the best look on your tree. Don’t forget to have a lot of lights. Amazing look

Get the kids excited with a countdown board in the family . This is something they can also help you make.

This is perfect for your dining room if you do not have a chandelier. Do not restrict it to the dining room though, you can play around with other spaces in your home.

If you have that rustic or farmhouse wood look in your home you can never go wrong with a red and white Nordic look.

The ultimate cool kid wreath. This is a wreath made of twigs and it is an amazing and refreshing not forgetting unique piece for your home.

This is a great spot to relax with a cup of eggnog and enjoy the festive season as you watch the snow fall if you are lucky to have white winter.

Here is the ultimate dining room décor for this festive season. Your guests will be in awe and your family will enjoy every single meal spent on this set.

Yes this Christmas is about white with a bit of red. Here is how you can in cooperate these colors on to your Christmas tree.

These candles are perfect for your side tables and can bring a rather intimate feel to your home.

Ladies and gentlemen those are our DIY Christmas decor ideas for you. We wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

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