29 Affordable Craft Ideas This Christmas

29 Affordable Craft Ideas This Christmas 23

With Christmas around the corner we are sure that most of you are still trying to finalize décor for the big day. Here are easy and affordable craft ideas to help you decorate this Christmas. We hope you enjoy.

1.This is an easy and fun craft idea that you can also involve your children in. It is vital that you keep them busy during the festive and I know they won’t say know when they see the lollipops involved in making this.

2.Time to reuse old window frames to make a snow man frame. This is so beautiful and lights up the festive spirit. If it does not go with your décor this year you may also consider having it in the garden to bring a bit of festive live to your garden.

3.These miniature Christmas trees made from herringbone beads are perfect finishing touches this festive season. Play around with these mini trees in your dining room or living room.

4.How cute is this reindeer sleigh? All you need is your egg holder and you can start getting crafty with the kids. If you have a side table this would be a nice decoration to place on top with a few handmade leaves or trees too.

5.Paper doilies are about to give you the most elegant and sophisticated craft idea. Nothing beat white in the festive season.

6.Most times when decorating for the festive season we focus on the interior and forget our porch and gardens. Here is an idea for you to incorporate this year when decorating your home.

7.If you have daughters they will definitely enjoy working on this craft. Here is how you can make Mickey and Minnie ornaments for either your tree or maybe even to decorate your daughter’s room this festive season.

8.Here is how you can bring a rustic feel into your home. Make log snowmen which you can use to decorate your home entrance hall.

9.If you have a pinecone tree then idea is for you. Bring a bit of color on to your tree this festive season.

10.Christmas trees are our tradition however tradition does not necessarily have to be boring always. Find different ways of making a unique Christmas tree that will have your guests looking in admiration.

11.Normal traditional wreaths too are old fashioned and have become boring. Here is how you can bring some excitement into your décor if you are planning on having a wreath.

12.You can also use deco mash to make an amazing snow man wreath for you door. Very unique and exciting.

13.Consider also a wall Christmas tree made from twigs. This will help with not leaving the walls bare also it is a great way of having a unique Christmas tree if you do not want the old traditional usual one.

14.Get everyone in the house to handover their old socks because they are just about to turn into snowmen.

15.Every household must have a beautiful unique wreath that will captivate your guests when they arrive for those festive dinners. Here is an idea of how you can make your absolutely stunning.

16.You can put these in the dining room as part of your décor. Since its red and green make sure you are going with far less neutral colors such as white in your décor.

17.Most modern bachelor pads will not have a fire place. Here is how you can build a temporary one to get in the festive spirit.

18.If you are hosting this Christmas then here is a napkin Christmas tree idea to help you add on to your dining table décor ideas.

19.Do not leave your side coffee tables unattended this festive season. Here is a candy Christmas tree idea that will be a great center piece idea for your side table.

20.Here is an absolutely beautiful idea for your exterior décor. Make large Christmas light balls from chicken wire. This would be great for the garden or the front yard of your home. Have several of them in different colored lighting. Our personal favorite.

21.Get your garden looking the part this festive with Santa Claus logs.

22.Using boxes you can make a reindeer head to hang somewhere outside your house. This can be cool if hung on the side of the garden to add on that festive look in your garden.

23.How cute are these santa flower pots? You can have them in your kitchen by the window to remind yourself daily that Christmas is finally upon us.

24.Learn how to make a ribbon for those Christmas gifts.

25.All things glitzy all thing glamorous this festive season.

26.Make these large Christmas ornaments to hang in the front of your house. Make sure you have them in different colors to bring some vibrant life into your décor this festive season.

27.Christmas lights with a difference this year. You can also hang these on your Christmas tree.

28.How about a Minnie wreath this festive season? If you feel it is too much you can have it on your daughter’s bedroom door, she would really appreciate it.

29.Start collecting old bottles because they have just come in handy. You can also make these for your garden.  It’s a great idea because you also get to recycle and go green.

We hope our easy to make craft ideas contribute to you having a glorious Christmas with your family and do enjoy making every single one of these craft ideas. From our team, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. God Bless

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