8 Great DIY Ideas For Small Entries

8 Great DIY Ideas For Small Entries 2

8 Great DIY Ideas For Small Entries 2

8 Great DIY Ideas For Small Entries

For those with small homes or irregularly designed entryways, it is usually a headache for your entry way to be organized and neat and still be functional and productive at the same time. Entry ways can serve as a place to put jackets, keys, and other things and keeping track of the comings and goings. Below we will give you a few ideas on how you can fully utilize your small entryways to their full potential, while still keeping it as a neat and organized space.

Equipped with a top shelf for extra space for baskets, this is a great idea for an entry way. Labeling each hook can also be  a good way to remember which number you might have left your items. The wooden bench gives extra space to place additional things.



This entry way has a chair put in for those who might need to sit down and take their time removing their shoes and coats before entering the home



Similarly like the idea above, this simple hook  and shelf idea is a great idea for an area where you can hang your coats and leave your shoes behind. Adding a carpet may be an additional touch for those who wish it.



This shelf is beautiful for visitors to place a mirror for visitors to see themselves as they get ready to enter. It can also serve as a place to leave you r keys for those of us who are always losing keys. The extra touch of an umbrella/coat stand is also a nice touch .



This DIY entryway storage are was made from a small closet. By simply removing the doors and moving the shelves around to suite your needs, you have a beautiful elegant space as your entry way.



For those with children this is a great idea because they can cause quite the mess. This DIY bench for their shoes can keep the area neat, also ,the additional hooks can be added for their coats and jackets.



A beautiful and elegant design with lots of storage space and a beautiful design can also make for a great entryway idea.


This is another great idea of how the closet space can be made into a nice entryway idea. It remains nice and elegant and serves the purpose of storage and still keeps the place neat.


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