20 Beautiful Rustic Ideas for Christmas Decorations

Simplicity is the new classy. If you agree with me on this, then this is a must read for you. These are 20 incredible ways you can turn you Christmas decorations from ordinary Christmas decorations into amazing rustic Christmas decorations. Dare to be unique this Christmas with your decorations. Why not have everyone really appreciate your simple, countryside and beautiful Christmas decorations this festive season. These ideas will also help bring out your creative and artsy side easily.

Christmas Signs

This idea absolutely proves that you do not have to have green and red decorations to have beautiful Christmas decorations. This basically involves painting some Christmas words onto a plain wooden board. The wooden board must be in its natural wooden brown color. This way, the rustic look will pop out.

Rustic Christmas Décor

Using plaid material is another great way of bringing out the rustic look in your Christmas decorations. You can use some plaid cloth to tie around some plain colored blocked so to make Christmas gift decorations. This will is quite simple to make.

Log Reindeers

For this, you will simply have to use some logs and branches to make a reindeer as part of your decorations. You do not have to change the natural color of the logs and branches. The brownish natural color of the logs and branches will also make the reindeer have its natural color.

Birch Wood Reindeer

For this reindeer, you are to use some Birchwood. Paint the pieces of birch wood with some white paint. These reindeers do not have to be large in size; rather, they can be small enough for you to place alongside some of your other small Christmas decorations.

DIY Rustic Christmas Tree

I really like this idea of making my own Christmas tree from different material. For this, you can make your tree from some dried bamboo strips and some pine straw. To decorate this tree you can use some different natural colored pine cones.

DIY Rustic Light-up Christmas Sign

To make this sign, you will need to join together some pieces of wood that are more or less the same size to make a board. On this board, you can then paint some Christmas related words with a plain color that matches the color of the wooden board. You can then add some plain colored Christmas lights onto the board.

Rustic Holiday Home Décor Signs

These signs are quite easy to make. You simply will have to make a frame from some nice pieces of wood. In the frame you can place a plain colored paper. On the paper, you can the writ some Christmas related word. Place these frames wherever you please.

Rustic Wooden Signs

For this, you also will need to make a wooden frame for the signs. In the frames, you can the place a plain white paper. Before adding the writing to the sign, you can paint the paper into a color that blends in well with the natural wooden colored frame that you cave used.

Wooden Snowman

This is a perfect idea especially if you live in an area where you do not get snow to make snowmen. For this, you will simply need to nail or stick together some pieces of wooden to make a snowman wearing a top hat. You simply will have to paint the snowman white and his hat black. Add on the facial features and the scarf to the snowman.

Wooden Christmas Decorations

You cannot get more rustic than using wood to make most of your Christmas decorations. The wooden decorations will definitely look unique, nice and simple. They may take a lot of work to make, but they are most definitely worth the look at the end of it all.

Rustic Holiday Decor

This idea basically involves making your Christmas decorations from different random materials. You can make snowmen from tires, Santas from wood and Christmas ribbons from some plaid material. The fact that not many people make their own Christmas decorations make this idea quite exciting.

Christmas Character Lettering

This is a simple idea, but will definitely make your Christmas signs look amazing. You can add some Christmas associated characters as part of your letters on your Christmas signs. You can use any characters real like, snowflakes and snowmen heads for Os.

Large Christmas Signs

For a simple way to decorate your outdoors, you can simply make one big Christmas sign. On the sign you can write you Christmas message for everyone.  You can simply use the Christmas colors for the writing and the decorations on the sing.

DIY Rustic Christmas Decorations

This idea is also quite unique. Not much is involved with this. the key to making this rustic look work, is by using natural material as part of your Christmas decorations. You can add natural things such as leaves, logs and pieces of wood to your Christmas décor.

DIY Woodland Sign

Brown and white bring out quite a lot of the rustic look. So, for some of your Christmas signs, you can use some brown wooden boards and on them, use some white paint to make the writing. You can never go wrong with this look. It is simple and very rustic. You can also choose to paint on some white onto some pine cones as well.

DIY Christmas Reindeer Sign

This sign does not have much work involved in making it. You will need to use an ordinary blackboard and write on it with some white chalk. On this board, you simply have to write down the names of Santa’s reindeers. This definitely will contribute to the Christmassy feeling.

DIY Marquee Star

To make this marquee star, you can use some natural light colored pieces of wood. You can add some Christmas lights onto the star to give the extra shine that resembles a natural star. You can then place this on your door or hang it anywhere in your home.

Golden Christmas Stockings

Who says you have to go traditional on all your Christmas decorations? You can be different by using this incredible rustic idea. You simply use golden stockings this Christmas instead of the ordinary Christmas colored stockings.

Brown Christmas Décor

Personally, I think that the best time to use brown rustic decorations indoors is when the main color in the room is white or cream. This way, the brown colored Christmas decorations will really compliment the white background. The white primary color will also make the rustic brown Christmas decorations pop.

Marquee Star Tree Topper

One of the great uses for marquee stars is that you can use it as a Christmas tree topper. This will not be your usual star tree topper, but it definitely will look as good, if not better. This idea is a must try so to add a little of the rustic look, to you Christmas tree.

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