Decorate with Amazing 15 Vintage Ideas

11.Bathroom Commode with Vintage Touch

Time flies, it keeps moving, it never pauses or rewinds itself. As it moves, new ideas and technology approaches and there we start calling previous things Old. They say, new is classic but I think old holds more value because old has lived, old got stories in them. I adore the rust, history and the chipped paint.  Vintage is old but it never grows grey hair. DIY recognizes its beauty and bring you multiple ideas on how to make Vintage pieces for your home decor that will obviously leave files of compliments on your face. Here are 15 unique and amazing vintage ideas;

DIY Vintage Sled

This is Christmas project which normally would cost $100-$300 to buy from a shop. But buying knotty pine, wood glue, paints, carpet tacks and a rope is way less but you get the same or better décor for holiday season.

Wall Hanging Planter

Pallets are heaven sent; they can fit into so many DIY projects. They are easy to adjust and make them however you want. Their woods are strong enough to carry heavy things. Here is a garden planter for indoors. It is built in sections where you can add family photo and grace your dining room with spiced wall.

Suitcase Cabinets

Cabinet are one of the brilliant ideas that suitcase can do for a vintage home. It is more of an art than the decorating function. You may mirrors, drawers, lights, maps, wine, just anything relating to your theme. Although I think it will perfectly suit the travel-themed home.

DIY Pet Bed

You don’t need to buy an expensive pet bed while you have a suitcase in the house. My cat always jumps in when I’m packing for my trips. I thought why not giving it a way to sit on my clothes all the time. It is a cool bed for it and he loves it there.

Table Top New Look

Just like how people can change clothes and shoes, here is new model type of tables that their surface can be changed anyhow to fit your style. They are called tables with modular reversible slats. Here, the top is crafted using wood puzzles from reclaimed wood. It fits the vintage décor.

Pallet Shelf

How do you even talk about vintage without talking about pallet? No matter how old they are, they still have a purpose to serve. I like the painting here and how red blended so well with green. On the outside are hooks to hang hubby’s coats, hence it is a multitasked piece of art.

Suitcase Towel Holder

I guess I am obsessed with suitcase now. See how lace fabric formed magic here. This is just a vanity suitcase which adds value to your washroom, just imagine that corner without it, it wouldn’t be the same.

Vintage Kitchen

Who said vintage is not beautiful? See how wonderful this vintage kitchen looks. I like the warmth in it from the calm colors. It just wants you to spend your time there more and make delicious meal for the family.

Vintage Side Table

You cannot talk about 1970’s without talking about these big CDs. Ever thought a stool top could come out of it? Here it is; neat and classic one. It is unique in its own way.

Wine Cabinet from Old Dresser

Recycling is fun and costless. If you like drinking and you do not have money to build a mini bar, relax. Look for that old dressing table and put little more work on it to transform it into a simple vintage wine cabinet.

Bathroom Commode with Vintage Touch

After bathing, you obviously need a clean and beautiful commode and I think is the one. I love how this corner looks with the wall paint and the vintage commode. It is awesomely perfect.

DIY Wine Rack

There is no excuse to not have a wine holder. This is a very easy project using reclaimed woods. The top sections for glasses while the bottom for the wines. Hang it on the wall and you have done justice to the wines.

Suitcase Wall Shelves

Buy variety vintage suitcases and cut out the 1/3 front part. Stick them on your wall and put decorative pieces on top of them. Or even without anything on top they are already a full décor by themselves.

French Typography Painted Furniture

It is an adorable piece of furniture. The prints leave me speechless. In addition with the paper flower on the window walls, the plants and the burlap sack makes everything wonderful to look at.

Repurposed Mailbox

We don’t do letters much as back in the days. You might be having a mail box in your garage, don’t throw it yet. It can be repurposed for toilet paper storage.

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