DIY Ideas For Backyard Oasis Shades

DIY Ideas For Backyard Oasis Shades 2

Those long summer days that are amazing for outdoor and backyard activities for the whole family. The sun however, can get really hot and you might need an escape of some sort from it. An escape that doesn’t have you going back into the house entirely. One that keeps you outside and still having fun but with a little less burn. Below we have found some great ideas using oasis shades that might help solve these problems. These DIY Ideas will have you family in the backyard and shielded from the sun at any time of the day, have a look.

This idea here gives a more permanent shade structure. The trick here is to manipulate your existing architecture and cover it with a canvas where the light pokes through, permanently done so that you never have to worry about the shade again.

To cover your patio, and still retail a cool and nice look to your home. We suggest these shade sails, this is because they come in different shapes, both triangular and rectangular. They can also be used over your pool too.

This great idea as the beauty of flexibility, you can draw the shade back and fourth when needed. With the same concept as a shower rod, this one has you stringing the shade up on a wire and using grommets to move it along the wire.

Similar to the one above, this is a different design for the slide wire concept that has you covering and uncovering you are whenever you need too.

This idea can be made using pretty much any resilient material and some strong string, and you have a nice shade for you backyard, simple and ready to do.

These here are sliding panels with the canvas already fitted in them. These help in the aspect that they can be moved and shifted in the direction where the sun is coming from, easing you the stress of continuously shifting.

This is also a beautiful idea of how you can use a simple canvas and cloth to tie to your patio. This shows that its also possible to put it behind and let it hand like a giant curtain such that the sun doesn’t come in from the back

This idea shows us that you don’t really need an existing structure to set up a canvas for the sun. This idea has you building a simple structure with metal rods at any convenient spot and covering it with the canvas and there you have an elegant place to chill and relax.

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