DIY Ideas Using Window Shutters

DIY Ideas Using Window Shutters 6

DIY Ideas Using Window Shutters 6

DIY Ideas Using Window Shutters

Window shutters are probably the pioneers of DIY projects. Everyone loves them and they are not hard to get your hands on. You can either look for old vintage shitters to add that vintage feel to your home or you  can easily go out and get new ones and some paint and match them to which ever room you want them in, an easy to do project for even beginners. Below we will give you a few creative ideas on how best you can use repurposed window shutters.

This brilliant kitchen island is made from kitchen shutters, nothing more creative than this, especially because it still meets all the requirements for a basic kitchen island.


This idea has a shutter being used as a kitchen runner, beautiful for outdoor dinner tables too.


This idea is simple and anyone can use it. It can be for decorative purposes or simply get pictures and hang them on and lean it on a spot you will always see them, voila!


Use window shutters in a kitchen to hang your table cloths when wet, or  better yet you can use it as a permanent place to keep your dish cloths.


This is a brilliant idea for an entryway or a study area. Keep your notes there for easy remembrance or use it to pin up memories.


This shutter console can be out anywhere in the home. Your flower vase or books (for the readers) can be placed here and bring some life into the home


These are placed in an entryway and keeps the place looking neat and functional. You can add hooks for your jackets and carpets down on the floor to have it.


This shutter side table is a good idea for the outdoor lovers. Have a small side table like this made for placing your drinks on while you bask in the sun or for just simply having a vintage unit readily available, we never know what might need storing.


These headboard shutters are also a creative idea, brining vintage or classy styles to them isn’t a problem as you can paint them to match your beds or bedcovers.


Window shutters here are being used to line up the whole wall. The shutter wall is a great project it totally gives the room a new look altogether, and is fun and easy to do.


This repurposed shutter is nailed onto a wall and is used  as a photo display and it works great in any room of the house. Be it a reminder, or a great memory, you can hang anything up.


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