DIY String Lights For Your Home All Year Round Decor

DIY String Lights For Your Home All Year Round Decor 3

DIY String Lights For Your Home All Year Round Decor 3

DIY String Lights For Your Home All Year Round Decor

The main misconception about decorating the home with string lights is that they should only be brought out during holiday season and packed away. Well that isn’t the case you can use these lights all year round in your home, as we see in fancy restaurants and some upscale establishments. Your home too can be kept shining all year round with these fun and creative ideas.

For safety purposes, we recommend using LED lights or lights that are contained in vessels, easy to move around and less safety hazards.


By mounting two or more rings on the ceiling, you can hang up drapes or any fabric and line it with LED lights to bring a nice starry vibe to your bedroom.


These lights can be used for things as simple as wrapping them around your mirror to bring an extra vibrant look to it and to the room .


For those who want to take it a step further, it is also possible to line the entire wall with LED lights. Dim lights like these make for a good movie night .


For those who are keen on writing a positive message or expressing love for a loved one, there firefly lights make for a great accessory around the house.


For those who are looking for decorating a kids room, this is a perfect idea. Simply string up the lights and hang pictures down from the lights. Create a timeline of your own.


Another bedroom idea. The more intimate setting, hanging the material behind a canopy and then letting the dim lights flow down from it. Brings about a clam aura in the room.


Similarly, this idea puts the lights behind the bed. Just that you can put them behind the headboard, easy to do for those with beds that come already equipped with the headboard.


For those with bed canopies that feel like it needs a little brightening. This is the perfect one, by simply adding firefly lights all around and let them flow down with the material, it lights up the room and gives it life.


Wrapping the lights around the mirror gives a similar effect to that of a candle. The lights reflect beautifully on from the mirror and bring out a beautiful effect.


With push up pins placed on the walls. The possibilities are endless. This ideas brings with it a lot of diversity because with the same lights you can write many different names or signs on the wall.


For the outdoor lovers, these lights can also be used outside the home like this. They bring out a beautiful shine for an intimate evening outside or a simple dinner outside under the stars.


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