15 Decor and Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

15 Decor and Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms 10

Do you have a bathroom in your home or in your rented space? Of course, we all do. It’s another room in which we must frequently visit. Even though bathrooms are certainly different and smaller than other rooms of the home, they must be organized well and utilized to their fullest. It’s especially more tricky to use and decorate small bathrooms to their full potential. However, we got a wonderful succinct list of tips to help you not only improve your “powder room” but also make it add value and comfort to your home and life. With just one to a few minor changes for each idea given here, you can try out and combine several of the ideas to even get a better bathroom space. Remember: You don’t need feel awkward because your bathroom may be small and your friends’ bathrooms are big. Haha. Well, let’s get right to it.

Show less and get more in a simply decorated bathroom. Remove excess or bright colored items to convey a spacious comfortable area to visitors.

Don’t forget about your guest bathroom but instead attend to it daily and make the best of it. Guests will surely notice the difference.

Renovate your little bathroom with, of course, little and in expensive things such as small wall-shelves or a new toilet-bowl cover.

Add a little touch of décor to your cute commode by simply decorating shelves and other spaces with small nick-nacks and trinkets, even a basket of toilet paper.

Revive your restroom brightly and easily, especially if it’s the ladies powder room, by just repainting the walls with a live color such as red.

If you want your toilet room to be a full bathroom, or your little bathroom is too small, then go all out. Knock out a wall of an adjacent room and rebuild the bathroom to your heart’s content.

Make your own cute laundry bag out of heavy duty fabric so that you can show it off in your bathroom and use it as a cozy personalized decoration there.

A small change can be a very noticeable change. So go ahead and place a simple rustic frame around any and all mirrors in the bathroom.

Utilize a space better, especially an unused space. All you have to do is place magnetic strips on the inside of a medicine cabinet or another unused area, and stick metal things to the strips.

Grab some small baskets and crates from a discount shop and use them to better store and organize your many small toiletries on shelves and in your medicine cabinet.

Hang things without the hassle on this portable DIY rack. Just assemble it easily with plastic pipe, rope and a dowel.

Hang things without the hassle on this portable DIY rack. Just assemble it easily with plastic pipe, rope and a dowel.

Be sure to look closely at walls and other unused spaces. You can use them well by just hanging and filing a basket there.

15 Decor and Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms 14

The space above a door is not the place to play pranks on visitors by pouring a bucket of water on them. But you can use the space for normal storage, such as toilet paper.

If you have an ultra-small bathroom like those in submarines or futuristic sci-fi movies, then be really creative. Paint geometrical shapes in different colors, place circular mirrors where they usually wouldn’t go and make the wall itself into a shelf or something else useful.

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