Great DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas

Great DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas 3

Great DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas 3

Great DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas

It’s  when the warm seasons come around that we  feel the urge to always want to spend every possible moment we can outside. This usually becomes a problems when we only find ourselves outdoors during the day and when the sun goes down we follow suite. Well, one way to change this could be to use outdoor lighting for the backyard. Here we bring a few ideas how you can go about bringing light to your backyard, extend the days into memorable nights with the family or simply spend quiet intimate dinners with the loved one, we have the perfect lighting for all occasions, enjoy.

This uplighting idea is amazing because it can be set up virtually on anything, from trees to any other available support structure.


Want to go for a night swim maybe? Using these geometric light columns will help you light up your backyard and your pool as well.


This idea is called the mason jar lantern idea and it is simple to make. By simply stinging up a jar with a candle in it you can light up any part of the yard you want.


This idea shows us how lighting between pathways also helps guide people who might be walking at night so as not  to trip and fall ,a brilliant decorative idea too.


Another lantern jar idea here is seen being used as a decorative addition. This is also very functional because you don’t have to take them down during the day, simply pin the up and light them up at night and turn them off during the day.


These beautiful moonlight globes can be recharged over and over again and can be placed almost anywhere, they can float on your pool or be mounted. Really the possibilities with these are endless.


This easy to do idea has you using grapevine balls and lighting them from the inside gives a nice authentic type of lighting, nice and cozy.


This table with opaque glass is also a multi functional idea and it can serve both as a table and a lighting source for your garden.


Hanging tea lanterns outdoors also brings in the same idea as the jar lanterns.  You can  make your own chandelier by stringing them up to different lengths.


These wooden lamps have to be the best so far. Not the easiest to make without wood work skills but once complete add an amazing feel to your garden and can be used to light up a pathway leading to the pool or any other place.


String lights are amazing to use anywhere. They are very easy to make and self explanatory, string them up, light them up and you can have yourself an amazing dinner out under the stars like this here.


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