Great DIY Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

Great DIY Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas 1

Great DIY Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas 1

Great DIY Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

Everyone with a small bathroom knows the struggle of making space for stuff around the toilets especially when the cabinets are already full of cosmetics and other personal items. For towels always lying around in an order that’s untidy is always frustrating. We have gathered some beautiful and elegant ideas for you, great DIY ideas that will help keep you r bathroom towels stacked neatly .


Dou you have an old or unwanted stepladder. Well simply painted to match the color of the tiles of the bathtub it can stand to make a great towel rack.



Getting hooks and evenly spacing where you hook them into the walls, then getting a rope and hooking the rope onto the hooks such that it hangs between the spaces. These spaces make for a towel holders and it’s beautiful because it can be used anywhere in the bathroom and changed around.



Add a vintage look to your home by using an old stepladder. The wood color can be left as is and use wood finish, a clear one to give the pop to the vintage effect.



On the topic of stepladders this one serves as a beautiful one, a sort of multi layered storage for your towels and also any other things you might want to put there.



A magazine rack mounted in the kitchen can prove to be a great towel holder for the bathroom. Simply take old magazine racks and mount them  on the walls and you’re good to go.



Do you have any wine racks you don’t see use for. Well this is a great idea for turning your wine rack into a multipurpose rack. By placing iit on the floor or cabinet or counter in your bathroom, you can neatly roll your towels up and keep them stacked neat.



Office file holders. When mounted on the wall in the bathroom can serve as a great place for your towel holding. These can also be placed on cabinets, anywhere that you feel is easily accessible for you r towels.

This simple wood and hook idea is amazing for hanging A makeshift basket or anything else to hold your towels in and other cosmetics you might want to store there.


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