Superb DIYs for your Valentine’s Decorations

12. Tree of Hearts

Finding ways to decorate your surroundings for Valentine’s Day or season is usually very difficult. I am here to tell you to worry no more because her with me are some brilliant ideas for you to use to make your Valentine’s Decorations. These DIYs are quite affordable to make and buy and bring forth incredible results when they are hung. They are sweet and friendly decorations and will be really appreciated by those who will get to see the decorations. These are definitely a must try.

1. Sticky Heart

Sticky Heart

This is such a simply decoration that you can use. It simply involves sticking together some sticks and twigs in the form of a heart. When that dries up, you can then Paint the heart with some of the Valentine’s Day colors such as pink, white and red. This heart of sticks can be placed anywhere you choose as part of your decorations. 2. Chalk Board Decoration Chalk Board Valentines Decorations

This is quite a great DIY for your Valentine’s Day decoration especially if you have a chalk board in your house hold. You will simply use some chalk to draw over the board. This will be your moment to show those around you your artsy side. You can draw and decorate on the board as you desire and please. Placing some flowers near the chalk board will add to the valentine’s felling.

3. Flower Heart Flower Heart

Flowers and heart shapes are very much so associated with Valentine’s Day. For this decoration, you will simply be sticking some flowers onto a heart shape cut out so to make a heart of flowers. You are to make sure that the colors of the flowers that you use are those that are related to Valentine’s Day. You can choose to use real flowers, or make some paper flowers to use.

4. Lettering Lettering Valentine’s Decorations

You can use some wood to carve out and make some letters to spell a word that is related to Valentine’s Day. You can make some words such as LOVE and HUGS. Paint the letters with the colors pink, white or red. You can place these letters/ words anywhere you please. You can also determine how large you want the letters to be.

5. Heart Chandelier Heart Chandelier

This decoration is quite cute really. It involves tying some heart cut outs with some string, then attaching the strings to a ring. You can then hang the rings anywhere. You can choose to use any size for the hearts and also add some decorations onto the hearts for more detail.

6. Wooden Heart Wooden Heart

I absolutely love this decoration idea. It involves cutting some dry sticks up into really tiny logs that resemble wooden corks. You can then stick these tiny logs together into a heart shape. After the heart dries up, you can choose to frame it, or to just hang it. You can add a red, pink or white ribbon to add some detail to the wooden heart.

7. Pine cone heart Pine cone heart

This decoration can be used for both out doors and in doors. You simply stick together some pine cones into the heart shape. You can then attach a ribbon to the pine corn heart so that it will be used to hang the heart. It can be hung in trees or on hooks. It will still serve its purpose either way.

8. Valentine’s Day Craft Valentine’s Decorations Craft

For this decoration, you will simply have to wrap some different shaped and sized boxes with some wrapping paper that is in the colors that are related to Valentine’s Day. On the wrapped up boxes, you can stick some cut out letters to make a word. Make the letters a size that will be appropriate and will match well with the size and shape of the box it will be stuck on. This way, it will not look peculiar.

9. Heart of Wooden Corks Heart of Wooden Corks

For this, you will need to have a collection of wooden corks to make. You will basically be sticking the wooden corks together into the heart shape. Paint the heart with the Valentine’s Day friendly color such as red, pink and white. You can choose to use one color to use, or use all the colors, just as long as the heart looks lovely in the end.


10. Written Board Written Board

If you are looking for one of the easiest of all the Valentine’s Day decorations, then this is one you are to try. It involves using paint or a marker to write on any kind of board. The board you use can be of any color, just as long as what you write on it will prove it to be Valentine’s Day friendly. You can write words such as LOVE, HUGS or even XOXO. You can choose to write the words in a particular order, or, randomly.

11. X and O Wreaths X and O Wreaths

These wreaths are made into the shapes of the hugs and kisses symbol, X and O. You can choose to use any material to make the wreaths. You can use flowers, fresh branches, paper or even cloth. You can hang these wreaths in front of a door that a lot of people will get to see. The wreaths are to be Valentine’s Day color friendly so to make them outstanding.

12. Tree of Hearts Tree of Hearts

This tree of hearts is made from some dried tree branches and twigs. You can choose to paint the branches into any of the Valentine’s Day colors, or, to leave them in their natural color. You can the hang some heart shapes into the tree. The hearts can be made from paper or even cloth. Make sure that the color of the branches and the heart shapes match well together.

13. Word on Board Word on a Board

Boards are an excellent idea when it comes to decorations. They are simple but look unique and creative. On the board, you can stick some letters that make up a word that is related to Valentine’s Day. The colors of both the letters and the board have to blend in well with each other. The simpler the colors you use, the classier the board will look. You can add some detail such as heart shapes or flowers to substitute some of the letters.

14. Valentine’s Mason Jar Craft Valentine’s Decorations Mason Jar Craft

This decoration DIY basically involves using a mason jar as a major part of decoration. Inside the Mason jar, you can place some heart shapes or flowers attached to mini braches and twigs. Then on the outside of the jar, you can also place some more heart shapes and flowers and even some lettering to make words. With all this, you must make sure to use some of the valentine’s friendly colors.

15. Fabric Heart Fabric Heart

This heart is made from a cloth. The cloth is sew together to give it some ruffles. Then, you sew and join together the ends of the cloth so to make the heart shape. You can choose to frame this heart and hang it or place it anywhere you please.

16. Sweethearts Candy Decorations Sweethearts Candy Decorations

Sweethearts candies are a big part of valentine’s day celebration for many. If this is so for you, you can make some paper Sweethearts candies from paper. You can attach the paper candies together with some ribbons and the hang them around. This is quite easy to do and yet the results are amazing!

17. Artistic Heart Artistic Heart

I personally love art, and so, with most of the decoration I do, I make sure to make everything look impressive and artistic. For example this heart shapes. It is made from different colors of paper. The different colors of paper where cut out into triangle and then these triangles where mixed together to make this beautiful and creative heart.

18. Dinner Decorations Dinner Valentine’s Decorations

You might have planned to prepare a meal for you valentine. This is a way you can use decoration to set up the table for the meal. You can use the Valentine’s Day friendly colors for most of the things and utensils you place on the table to use.  This will look simple and sweet!

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