11 Creative Storage Ideas For Your Home Benches

12 Creative Storage Ideas For Your Home Benches09

12 Creative Storage Ideas For Your Home Benches09

11 Creative Storage Ideas For Your Home Benches

Most homeowners always complain about not having enough space to accommodate guests and still have storage space at the same time. We find ourselves having to pick between the two, when we do have sitting areas for guests things are scattered around because we gave up storage space, and vice versa. Well we have found a solution to eliminate this stress for most homeowners. With these simple suggestions we give you a chance to bring life and color into your home and merge the storage problems and sitting problems all into one great solution. Storage Benches!

This is a beautiful example of how you can put one of these benches anywhere in the home and have space to store anything you need at the bottom.

This bench is placed next to a window, if you love to read this one would be great for you, add a few pillows to lie down and a nap wouldn’t be bad too. Still accommodating your storage needs.

This simple bench with a nice touch of buckets is also a great idea for outdoor lovers who might have tools that can be stowed neatly away.

Similarly, this bench can be put in a guest room, a great idea to keep guests’ towels and clean sheets whilst also giving them a resting place.

This corner piece can be put in the corner of a room and used to stow away any duvets covers  you might not need any more, very stylish and elegant.

Speaking of Shoes, Here is one designed to specifically get rid of your shoe placement issues. With this functional bench, one sits on it to remove the shoes and stands to pack them in. Brilliant!

For those who often like to take their school and office work home, we know how messy files and papers all over can be, with this functional bench you have a place to neatly stack your papers and files and when closed.

Another elegant piece for the bedroom. For those who like to catch a late night game on the plasma, you can simply place it on the bench, whilst having it as a storage cabinet too.

A few flowers can always brighten up a home. This piece is for the garden lovers, and it has space at the bottom for anything else you might like to put.

A beautiful combination of elegant and a vintage look . This bench is beautiful for any area of the house.

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