12. Simple Wall Shelves

16 Incredible Designs and DIYs for Shelves

Shelves are a very important part of organizing and keeping things tidy and well kept. To our benefit, there are different types, designs shapes, and sizes of shelves that we can make so to not only help us keep things tidy, but also to be used as part of the decoration just as well. Here, […]

15 Insane DIY Coffee Table Ideas 12

15 Insane DIY Coffee Table Ideas

In home décor tables especially in your living room play a significant role in the outcome of your home décor. This is why you should pay great attention in picking a table that is unique and will complement the rest of the interior décor. Here are a couple of ideas of how you can DIY […]

14 Super Cool Ideas To Reuse Old Furniture 9

14 Super Cool Ideas To ReUse Old Furniture

Are you simply tired of your old furniture but do not have the budget buy new stuff. Well we understand that and really it’s quite common with the economy right. Rest assured we are here with ideas of how you can revamp your old furniture and have it looking superb. 1.Have old stools? Well here […]

19 DIY Idea To Play With Old Furniture 16

19 DIY Idea To Play With Old Furniture

Our home is our heaven and it should resemble exactly. However achieving this can cost an arm and leg and we know that in today’s economy spending on furniture is something not many can afford. Rest assure we have several ideas to sparkle your décor without denting your bank account. Thank me later! 1. We all […]

20 Amazing DIY ideas for furniture 13

20 Amazing DIY Ideas For Furniture

Unfortunately in the world we live in luxuries such as new modern furniture cost a human organ to afford however the economy and standard of living is on the decline. We simply cannot afford luxuries! If you share the sentiment as us rest assured we got you covered. Here are a few DIY ideas for […]

Amazing DIY ideas For Outdoor Furniture 4

Amazing DIY ideas For Outdoor Furniture

We often get DIY ideas but most of them are for indoor ideas. We have decided that we should include some outdoors ideas for those who love being outdoors. Being outdoors can be a great escape for others but we often find ourselves in a space we aren’t comfortable in, a mess, or just a […]

16 Awesome Methods to Refresh Your Aging Furniture

Good furniture lasts a long time. You have probably come across so much different furniture in different styles, shapes, sizes and colors so some will sturdy, colorful and attractive and some will need your help to revitalize its beauty and reinforce its sturdiness and add even some utility. However, sometimes it can become to look […]