16 Incredible Designs and DIYs for Shelves

Shelves are a very important part of organizing and keeping things tidy and well kept. To our benefit, there are different types, designs shapes, and sizes of shelves that we can make so to not only help us keep things tidy, but also to be used as part of the decoration just as well. Here, for you, are some amazing and creative ideas for shelves that you can try out. These DIYs are very easy to follow through and make, and they are quite affordable just as well. Give them a try and enjoy their amazingness.

1. DIY Farmhouse Style Corbel Shelves

DIY Farmhouse Style Corbel Shelves

These shelves are perfect if you are looking for shelves that are attached to the wall. They are definitely firm and steady cannot be easily moved, meaning that there are fewer chances of them being disturbed. You can use wood of different colors to make these corbel shelves. The color of the shelves, however, must not overshadow that of the objects you are placing on them.

2. DIY Faux Floating Shelves

DIY Faux Floating Shelves

The key to making these shelves look as though they are floating is to use anchors that can easily be hidden by the objects that you will place on the wall. The size of the anchors that you will use will have to be determined by the size of the shelves that will they will be supporting. You could also use anchors that have a color that will blend in well with the wall you will place them against.

3. Wooden Crate Shelves

Wooden Crate Shelves

For unique and interesting looking shelves, you can use different objects to make them. For these shelves, you can use some wooden crates. You can cut the crates into two, making sure that they can hold objects easily and firmly. You can then drill the halves of the crates to the wall. In these shelves, you can store objects that need support from all sides.

4. Creative Anchors

Creative Anchors

For wall shelves, there is no need to use plain and boring anchors. You can simply use differently shaped anchors so to be creative. You can use anything really for the anchors, just as long as they are firm and can hold the shelves well and steady.

5. Re-purpose Wall Shelf

Re-purpose Wall Shelf

You can basically use any strong material to make shelves. For example, you can use some old unwanted hard covered book to make the base of the shelves. You simply have to glue the books together and make sure that they will remain strongly glued together. You will also need to make sure that the objects that you will place onto the book shelf are not too heavy and can easily be supported by the shelf.

6. Multi-Purpose Shelf

Multi-Purpose Shelf

This shelf is a great way of keeping similar objects together for storage. The bottom of the shelf serves as a rack. One can always use this type of shelf in a room such as a bathroom. On the shelf, you can place some objects such as soaps and candles and on the rack on the bottom, towels can hang there.

7. Simple DIY Frame Shelf

Simple DIY Frame Shelf

This DIY is a guaranteed creative shelf idea. It is not every day that one comes across a shelf in the form of a frame. But unlike frames, these shelves need to be dripped into the wall rather than hanging on a hook. This will ensure that the shelf is steady.

8. Cylinder Shelves

Cylinder Shelves

Being creative with shelves involves using and making the most lovely and yet uncommon shapes. For these cylinder shelves, you can use some use some plastic buckets or containers. You can paint over the buckets into any color you please. With these shelves, not only can you store and keep your objects, you will also be recycling and reusing some plastic containers, thus making a positive impact on the greenhouse.

9. DIY Mounted Shelving Unit

DIY Mounted Shelving Unit

The best part about a shelving unit is that there is room to place differently shaped and sized objects on the shelves. The shelving unit provides storage places that are suitable for different types of object. So, on the same unit, you can place both small and bulky objects with no difficulty. You can use a shelving unit to place some decorative objects and books just as well.

10. Two Storey Shelves

Two Storey Shelves

The bigger the shelf, the more you can place on it. If you prefer smaller sized shelves, you can use these two storey shelves. The way they are built has them attached, meaning, when attached tot the wall, the keep their pattern of one on top of the other. This way, you get small shelves that come together, meaning you get to keep more objects on them.

11. DIY Pipe Anchors

DIY Pipe Anchors

For those extra creative anchors for your wall shelves, you can use some pipes. The best part of the pipe to use is the curved part. This way, you have one end attached to the wall and the other attached to shelf. You can easily paint over the pipe into a color that will go well with the wall and the shelf.

12. Simple Wall Shelves

Simple Wall Shelves

Simplicity is key at times. So, for simple yet lovely shelves, you can use some ordinary wall shelves. Both the base of the shelf and the anchor can be plain, so to achieve the simple look. On the shelf, you can then place some simple objects with neutral colors so to complete the look perfectly.

13. DIY Open Shelving Tutorial

DIY Open Shelving Tutorial

For decorative objects, you can use open shelves. This way, the objects on place on the shelf can easily be seen and appreciated by those who will get to see them. On open shelves, you can basically keep any objects such as plants, picture frames and other decorative ornaments.

14. Small Shelf

Small Shelf

This shelf can be used in rooms such as the bathroom, where you can place and keep objects such as towels, soaps, and candles because it is small. This way, if you have a small bathroom, the small shelf will not take much floor space and yet serve its purpose just as well.

15. DIY Rustic BookShelf

DIY Rustic Bookshelf

The rustic theme works for just about anything including shelves. You can use some wood with a color that will make the rustic theme pop out. This means that your bookshelf will have a natural wood color. This shelf is best placed against a plain cloth so that the natural color of the wood pops and achieves the rustic look well.

16. Unique Shaped Shelves

Unique Shaped Shelves

If you have an artsy side, then this DIY is a must try out for you. It basically involves using some unique shapes to make the shelves. This will mean that the shelves themselves can serve as part your decor.