11 DIY Easy to Do Pebble Decorations

11. DIY Pebble Bowl

Adding pebbles to your home decor brings with it a natural look. Here are 12 impressive ways you can use pebbles in your home.

DIY Door Mat

During the times that it rains and snows, this doormat would be best used. Instead of a plain and boring door mat, you can fill a tray with leveled pebbles, so to be used as a doormat. Impress your guest right from where they enter your home! Who says you cannot be creative with your door mat?

DIY Pot Holder

Making this pot holder is quite easy. All you have to do is to stick pebbles on a piece of cloth! You can choose to cut up the cloth into any shape or size and also get to choose what color you want the pebbles to be. Not only will you manage to keep the heat from hot pots away from your table, you get to do so in a stylish manner!

DIY candle holder

This is such a fun idea to use for your candle holders. Have fun with the idea and put any patters of your choice on the pebbles. You can easy turn your candle holder from boring and plain, to creative and fun!

DIY Art Work

Everyone has a artistic streak in them, I would like to think. With this idea, you get to bring out that side of yourself. You can stick the pebbles together to form your very own piece of art! You can frame the work and hang it on your walls for all to see.

DIY Flower Pot

This flower pot is very easy to do. You have to stick pebbles so to fully cover the outside of a tin, and voila! You get to create beautiful flower pots for home.

DIY wooden artwork

With this idea, you also get to bring out that creative side of yourself! By sticking pebbles to a piece of wood and adding other material such as twigs, you get to create amazing artworks like the flower in the picture above. This idea will give your home a simple, yet classy look.

DIY Tree Model

This is also a fun idea. By sticking a pebble to twigs, you can make a mini tree for your home. The pebble will help the mini tree to stand on its own. You can place this décor in your hall just to add little more color to the area!

DIY Hanging Ornaments

By wrapping colored pebbles in thread and beaded rope, you can create some pebble ornaments to hang in your home. This will definitely add some elegance to your décor. This is simple, yet very creative.

DIY Pebble Decor

Paint some flat pebbles into different colors. You can color them to match the colors of the room you will place them in. you can keep the pebbles in a class jar, or bowl, for all to see. It’s really that easy!

DIY Pebble Bowl

Stick pebbles together to resemble a bowl and place it where it can be seen. That is all you have to do for this DIY. You do not even have to put anything in this Pebble Bowl. It is an awesome decoration as it is!

DIY Pebble Cabinet Knobs

These are creative knobs for your cabinets! Simply amazing! You and others will be amazed  by this idea. It is quite classy

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