12 Amazing Festive DIY Ideas for Mason Jar Lighting

12 Amazing Festive DIY Ideas for Mason Jar Lighting 7

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way! Finally the season to be merry has arrived. As we all get ready for Christmas we know that it is a tradition to have our homes looking their absolute best with decorations. However why spend crazy amounts of money on decorations that only last a couple of weeks. Here are some festive mood ways for Mason jar lightings that will have your family feeling joyous and leave your guests in absolute awe.

How amazing is this Epsom salt covered Mason jar. This icy beautiful jar could be perfect for decorating. Light a small candle in there and you are ready for good old traditional but stylish Christmas.

Here is how you are going to create the perfect mason jars by using evergreens, cherries, water and candles.

Encompass a bit of rustic feel to your décor this Christmas by handing your mason jars on a pallet against your wall. For this use string lights for the lighting.

Aaaww, your kids are absolutely going to fall in love with these snowman mason jars. This could also be a good thing to create with them for that festive bonding experience.

This is subtle and not too loud if you are going for a rather toned down decor.

These can be painted in different Christmas colors and in various patterns. I highly recommend these Christmas light mason jars for the garden or the front door porch.

Have your home smelling the best with these forest Mason jar oil candles. They make your festive décor absolutely complete.

If you have a light decor or mostly white in your home, this would be perfect to add some glittery color and live to your space this holiday season. It leaves an elegant and yet holiday finish.

So you are tired of the normal candle holders use during the Christmas time. Well go no crazy on your mason jar with stencils because they will make the perfect candle holders for you this Christmas. Make it even more personal and have them engraved with your family name.

if you are more of a glitz and glamour person, here is how you can how your guests with glitter covered mason jars that will act as a holder for your candles.

Christmas is the season for giving, here is a great magical Christmas lantern idea that could be given as a gift or used in the home for yourself.  Whatever you decide, it is a must have.

If you are crafty you can go the extra mile to make Mason jar lights that are crotched on the outside.

These are some fabulous Mason jar lighting ideas that could brighten up your home and your Christmas décor for close to nothing in cost. Consider this our gift to you. Merry Christmas.

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