14 Awsome ways for You to Decorate your Outdoors for Christmas

2. Snowman Tires

Hand Painted Christmas Tree Signs

For your outdoor Christmas tree, you make it some wood. You can then paint the wooden tree over with some green. On the tree, you can add some words and phrases that are Christmas related, as the decoration for the outdoor tree. This is quite artsy and unique.

Snowman Tires

This idea will help you take creativity to a whole new level! You will need to paint some tires white and pile them up when the paint is completely dry. Use one of the tires as the snowman’s head by covering the middle gap with some white painted material as well. You can then add the rest of the snowman’s features.

Hanging Garland

This garland can be hanged onto you’re your outdoor lights if they are strong enough to hold them. If you are worried about the garland being blown off, you can simply tie it to a brick. You will need to make sure that you tie the brick securely so that it does not fall.

5 Minutes Topiary

This is quite simple to make and yet very creative. You will simply have to place some few pieces of wood or logs into a plan pot. You then add a few branches and leaves and some Christmas decorations to finish the look.

Log Snowman

Logs can be used to make this snowman for your outdoor decorations. You simply nail together or glue the pieces of logs to make the snowman shape. Add on a scarf and make a hat from the pieces of log as well. You can choose to paint the snowman or leave it in the natural log color.

Classy Outdoor Signs

Because it is Christmas, let your outdoor signs also experience and look the part. You can decorate your signs with some Christmas decorations and have them written and drawn on with some Christmas related images.

DIY Giant Ornament

These are big and beautiful Christmas ornaments for you to hang outside this Christmas. You can choose to use many different colors for the ornaments, or you can choose to keep it simple and use just the Christmas colors. Either ways, these ornaments will look absolutely amazing!

Christmas Writings on Shutters

If you have shutters, then you can use this idea. You will need to make some lettering to make some Christmas words and stick the letters to your shutters for all to see. You can choose to make Christmas related words and phrases such as “Noel” and “Merry Christmas”.

Giant Outdoor Nut Crackers

The Nut cracker is one of the most famous Christmas stories. So, you can use giant fake nut crackers for your Christmas decorations outside. Many will appreciate this!

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating

This idea basically involves making some outdoor Christmas decorations that just about resemble the decorations that you have put up indoors. You will be making the same decorations, only from different material and probably different size as well.

Christmas Garlands and Ribbons

You can never go wrong with store bought Christmas decorations. For this idea, you simply will be putting up some ordinary Christmas ribbons and garlands up into your yard and outdoors. This will definitely make your outdoor decorations outstanding and colorful.

Christmas Decorations on Doors

If you do not have much of an outdoors to decorate, you can simply decorate the outside of your door. You can place some Christmas ribbons or a countdown calendar till Christmas or even simply place a Christmas wreath.


You can choose to make some large and well patterned snowflakes to hang outside. On the snowflakes, instead of living it white and plain, you can add a little bit of color by adding a simple letter of Christmas ribbon on it.

Verandah Christmas Decorations

In some instances, the furthest one can decorate out doors in their verandah. Well, here is an amazing idea for you to try out. You can simply fill your verandah with some amazing Christmas colored decorations. This is simple but definitely will be eye catching.

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