15 Amazing DIY Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts

3. Jar of Lucky Charms

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This is usually the time that people start wondering what to get their partners as Valentine’s Day Gifts . For some, this is an easy task to do, but for others, finding the right gift can take type and hard work. Creativity is the key to getting your partner the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. Here are some great DIY ideas for you to try out this year. They are simple, creative and affordable to make or buy. Dare to give your partner a unique gift this year!

1. DIY Envelope DIY Envelope

This is more of a wrap for a Valentine’s Day gift. You can use color Manila paper to make the envelope. To decorate the outside of the envelope, you can use different media. You can use string, buttons and even add a little extra décor by making hearts and other shapes with written on paper such as newspapers or even money.

2. Valentine’s day Cards Valentine’s Day Gifts –  Cards

These cards are simple to make and yet absolutely creative. You can use Manila paper of any color to make both the cards and the decorations. Inside the card, you could put a short, yet sweet message. To make this extra creative, you can make the make the decorations and the message in 3D.

3. Jar of Lucky Charms Jar of Lucky Charms

If your partner enjoys the breakfast cereal Lucky Charms, then this is the gift that you can give to them. It involves separating the cereal and placing your partner’s favorite pieces in a mason jar. This is the simplest you can go, but your partner just might appreciate this a lot. On the Mason jar, you can stick a little romantic and sweet note for them to read every time the open the jar.

4. Blocks of Love Blocks of Love

These blocks are quite easy to make. They are simply wooden blocks. On some sides of the block, you can paint your partner’s favorite color, and then on the other sides, you can paste some of your favorite photographs of your partner. And finally, on the other sides of the blocks, you can write some letters that will spell out a word such as LOVE, HUGS or any of your choice.

5. Candy Jars Candy Jars

For this gift, you will need to get some mason jars and fill them up with some of your partner’s favorite candy. Most people love candy, and if your partner also enjoys candy, then this will be an ideal gift to give to them. The jars do not necessarily need to get wrapped up. You can add some simple features on the jar such as paper hearts and ribbons.

6. Build a Balloon Valentine Build a Balloon Valentine

This is quite a fun gift to give your partner. In fact, you can both agree to only give each other these balloons for Valentine’s Day this year. They are simple and cheap to make, but very creative and reflect your love for one another.

7. Whisky and Chaser Whisky and Chaser

This is one of my absolute favorite gift ideas! It involves piling up some bottles of your partner’s favorite alcohol chaser, and tying them around their favorite alcohol. The chaser should be enough to last the normal duration of the alcohol from when your partner usually buys the bottle. You can then add little details such as paper rose buds to the pile for the gift to look Valentine’s Day friendly.

8. Painted Wood Coasters Painted Wood Coasters

Instead of giving a gift of plain coaster, you can add some detail to them. You are to use wooden coasters for this, so that the drawings will be easier to paint. You do not have to use bright paints for the drawings, rather, some colors that blend in well with the wood of the coasters. The paintings can also be based on anything, just as long as you are sure that your partner will like them.

9. Easy Fix It Instruments Easy Fix It Instruments

If you know that your partner loves to be handy and fix things around the house, you can give them some unique instruments and materials to use. The materials of instruments can be personalized so that they appreciate the gift even more.

10. DIY Magnetic Wristband DIY Magnetic  Wristband

This gift comes in handy if your partner loves working with tools. This magnetic wrist and will make it easier to fix things that need screws and nails. Instead of going up and down a ladder to get some nails, all your partner has to do is place some nails or screws to his magnetic wristband. This way, they have a number of nails or screws to use at a time.

11. DIY Travel Kit DIY Travel Kit

I love to travel, and I just so happen to do quite a lot of it because of work.  A travel kit could come in handy for every time that I travel. There are a few necessities that tend to get forgotten when people travel. So, this gift involves preparing some of these forgettable things in either a box or a bag. This way, when packing to travel, all your partner has to do is pack the bag or box into their luggage. This way, they will not have any necessities missing as they travel.

12. Date Jar Date Jar

Dates are an important part of having a relationship with someone. This jar contains a number of Popsicle sticks, which have written on them different date ideas. You can decide to put in twenty four Popsicle sticks in the jar. These twenty four popsicle sticks will mean two special dates for each month, for a whole year.

13. Cities of Love Cities of Love

This is quite the brilliant idea for your partner’s Valentine’s Day gift. It involves framing maps of cities that have special meanings to you. This is super romantic and creative. It will definitely show your partner that you keep your memories to heart.

14. Box of Photographs Box of Photographs

This is quite a simple gift idea. It involves placing some photographs of you and your partner in a box. It would be quite creative and artsy if you make sure that the photograph have the same color pattern, for example, black and white. Not much is involved I this gift idea, but it will really be appreciated.

15. Matching Mugs Matching Mugs

For this, you and your partner will have to agree to do this together. It involves using some permanent markers to decorate mugs for each other. The mugs can have some special messages written on then, and some drawings as well. You can use different colored markers and different colored mugs as well.

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