15 DIY Ideas For Working For Creating Space

15 DIY Ideas For Working For Creating Space 8

As population continues to immensely grow in our respective countries we are faced with accommodation challenges that ultimately transcend into smaller living areas. The nightmare about this has to be space especially when you are a family. Here are some beautiful storage ideas that might help solve your storage problems and keep your house neat. Do have fun!

1. If your bathroom space does not permit the amount of cabinets you would want for your bathroom essentials consider having a storage step ladder that can house your small items such as bath towels and cosmetics.

2. This is perfect because you can also use it as a mini coffee table or if not slide it under a table because of the rollers on it.

3. Another very efficient idea for you. This will serve you two purposes, not only is it a beautiful ottoman that can blend well with your décor but also storage for books.

4. Store whatever you want in here. From your children’s toys to your unwanted or not regularly used items.

5. This storage bench is also dual purpose. It can be used as a bench and also to store your shoes. If your home passage has enough space it would be advisable to be place it there.

6. Having keys all over can be very untidy also. Hang them behind your wall art. Not only is it tidy but also it’s a safety precaution.

7. This is perfect for things like towels and also newspapers if you are one to keep old papers around. You can simple place it on top of a closet afterward

8. This is amazing for your bathroom as room. Using old pallets and wood one can create their own cabinet that can store cosmetics and medication. It also looks very beautiful and vintage.

9. Keep those jam jars because you are going to need them. Watch how you can have yourself a mini Mason jar storage in a wooden cube.

10. Here is another Mason jar idea that is also very useful. You can also have bath salts and other bathing essentials poured onto these mason jars. So elegant.

11. It is finally time to have your jewelry in order. This will not only have you space but also time when you are going out and skip the hustle of having to look for the other ear ring lol.

12. The kitchen is usually the trickiest. Let this tray drawer solver all your kitchen storage issues.

13. It’s the little things that end up making the house very untidy well worry not this little round hanging shelf will ensure that you take those little toys, keys and whatever else is laying on your carpet.

14. Here is a storage bin that can be used for almost anything and anyway in the house. Must have.

15. Each bathroom should have this to help everything to be stored all in one place.

There you have it folks!

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