15 DIY Ways to Celebrate a Person’s Graduation So Right!

15 DIY Ways to Celebrate a Person's Graduation So Right! 1

15 DIY Ways to Celebrate a Person’s Graduation So Right! 1

Graduation from high-school or college is a grandeur occasion to offer all the best hospitality and things that you possibly can to your graduate. Of course you gotta have a plethora of decorations all around the banquet hall where you will celebrate to be sure that you can show your gratitude and how proud of the graduate you are. The chosen d├ęcor of the party will demonstrate the feeling you trying to give to everyone. So, let’s go all out for a good graduation party with these better than good but great ideas!

Bundle up some simple flowers into a mason jar, and hang a natural looking year-sign from rim of the jar. The organic scent of the flowers and the rustic look of the sign will give a warm welcome to all.

Grab a pen, paper notepad and a jar so all the guests can easily write and drop their best memories of the graduate into the jar.

Fetch different sizes and colors of balloons, place them outside and inside the celebration hall and decorate them to your dream’s desire with streamers and such.

Be bold and creative by setting up cute a silhouette of a graduating student, decorated with ruffled paper or pompoms and small jewelry. This is a nice symbolic gesture of how glad you are to hold the party.

A handmade, big, bright and colorful banner of welcoming words is an awesome way to display your congratulations to the grad-goers.

Grab a ton of colored confetti, big letters and numbers, and stick on a nice amount of confetti to get a sparkly surprise.

The graduates’ whole life is ahead of them, they can have the whole world in their hands. So why not help them to start the process by displaying a beautiful blue globe of Earth on a matching blue vintage suite-case.

Fill transparent spherical ornaments with past and present graduation tassels to create lasting keepsakes and magnificent memories.

Gather some things together such as poster-board or an acrylic sheet to create a grand garland for a great decorating garnishment.

Rummage through your garage, shed or storage area and get some wooden crates and adorn them with cute trinkets and memorable photos of family and friends.

Cut geometrical shapes out of bunt fabric, mark them with white lettering to make a bodacious commemorative sign for all to see. For a finishing touch, add colorful treats such as cupcakes.

Go to your favorite floral or party shop and get bubbly silver balloons in the shape of letters and numbers.

Print out cute photos of family and friends in black-and-white and make them into a figure of your grad-year. Throw in some colorful balloons for a sweet candy-like effect.

Make a big splash of surprise and contrast at a dinner table by placing a black table clothe, drinking-cups made from mason jars, polka-dotted gift boxes and personalized circular photos down onto the table.

Show off your appreciation for your graduates’ childhood, adolescence and oncoming adulthood and all their accomplishments during those years by stringing up their photos of good times past.


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