15 Great DIY Ideas inspired by the Open Minded

15 Great DIY Ideas inspired by the Open Minded 5

Sometimes you want to decorate, or create clothing and crafts in an unconventional yet still interesting manner with out of the ordinary but very acceptable designs, shapes and colors. Look to “boho”, “hippie”, “free people” and similar styles to inspire and guide you on how to delightfully make the right DIY décor just for your open mind. Whether you want to froogaly decorate your humble home or cleverly transform simple clothing into bodacious fashion statements, look no further and checkout these tips.

Jewelry Hanger: Pick up you favorite rustic-looking broken branch from outside, hang it from a wall, and hang your necklaces and bracelets from it.

Handmade Dream Catchers: Conjure your stitching skills to make this beautiful ethnic piece out of string or yarn. All your dreams will come true that same night

Garland: Look around for strips and shreds of fabric and hang them from a string, suspended from the sides of a wall. It’s almost no cost and recycles some unused items very nicely.

Colorful Stones: Find some paint that you already have, and rounded stones just outside to create a real organic set of paperweights. Or even make them into magnets

Bookends: If you recently had a plumbing project, then there may be some leftover pipe. Get, cut and just paint them gold to make these, or create standalone décor on shelves.

Mobile: Tie together pipe-cleaners or tree-twigs, hang paper airplanes and hang the whole thing from the ceiling to create this awesome abstract center-piece.

Colorful Mug: Get any white cup or mug and make it more exciting by splash painting it with bright colors. Use either water-color for temporary stay, or acrylic paint for a more semi-permanent stay.

Feather Garland: Go to a pond or park and find feathers of geese and ducks or of other birds, spray or dip them with gold paint or glitter and hang them from a string to make a wonderful shiny décor item.

Colorful Arrow Tassel: Checkout some little craft-arrows from a shop, and re-purpose them with paint and a few pom-poms, and them everything from a string.

Color Vases: Ombre is the coolest new way to mix and create gradients of colors together. Give new life to old jars by turning them into ombre flower vases.

Enhanced Military Wear: Attach some earrings, buttons, colored ribbons and a piece of lace or doily to a vintage military shirt or jacket to produce a chic outer garment.

Fun Fruity Shorts: Get some worn white jeans, cut off their legs and dip them into some different color dyes and spot them with seed shapes to produce these cute shorts.

Tie-Dye Pull-Over: Grab a plain white long t-shirt, tie-dye, cut, and braid it to make a super cute summer slip-on blouse, slash, skirt.

Bold Bra: Take an ordinary black bra, and add a few vertical and horizontal straps to it and you’ll have a great fashion accessory for backless dresses and gowns.

Lace Short Shorts: With a pair of light shorts, roll of lace and some glue, you can create these awesomely attractive shorts.

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