15 Simple Ideas for DIY Christmas Party

11. Olaf Hugs

Christmas holiday is tie for family get together and party for kids because schools are closed, workers get their vacation so it’s most likely for everyone to be home. It is a good thing when people use this time to visit families and friends; it strengthens the bond and brings people closer. Saying so; are you hosting a Christmas party this year? Well, if yes it is good, If no it is good too because you might be someone’s help in their decoration ideas.

The following are amazing crafts that worth so much in shops but DIY can teach you how to do it yourself at less expenses. It takes few tricks which are very doable that you can do them with your children and have lots of fun and memories during the process. Take a look and select for yourself, which one is within your reach and will be perfect for the ideal party in your mind.

1. Christmas Party Table Christmas Party Table

Don’t stress over the table setting for your kid’s Christmas party, this is a simple one but with a lot of fun possibilities. Don’t restrict yourself to one idea only, it could be a normal table covered with a manila paper which leaves a room to draw and write signs on the table. It provides good organization.

2. Reindeer Game Board Reindeer Game Board

Kids are moved by games, no party is best for them if there are no games. And “The reindeer” is one of their favorite and popular games, give them what they love. Let them pin the nose!

3. Christmas Tree Card Tree Card for DIY Christmas Party

A part from white and red, purple and violet is another combination for a popping color effect in decors which is calming and beautiful. Front page has glittering strips that for a Christmas tree shape with ornaments on it. Below is one of the popular Christmas Carol.

4. Pop up Christmas Tree Card Pop up Christmas Tree Card

These cards are normally very expensive in shops regardless the occasion, it is the design that shoots their prices to the roof. But it is so simple to craft your own and personalize it in few easy steps.

5. Geometric Christmas Tree Card Geometric Christmas Tree Card

When inviting your guests, you need something that eye catching and more convincing on your cards. Something that will make them not debate about attending, it is a straight forward yes. I am talking about something like it, it is presentable.

6. Twine Christmas Tree Card Twine Christmas Tree Card

Back to the basic, sewing skill is recommended but it doesn’t mean you cannot do it if you had none previously. They are simple moves, anyone can learn. Twine captures the nature feel to it. Attach your tree on your card and you are good to go.

7. Embroided snowflake Christmas Card Embroided snowflake Christmas Card

We have our Christmas in winter and snowflakes wouldn’t be a bad idea for a décor. I have a thing for embroided goodies, they portray someone’s love and time invested into doing it. It takes energy to find symmetry and tie things I place, I appreciate such work.

8. Little Adorable Penguin Little Adorable Penguin

Your kids will love to do this with you. As a matter of fact, you can just direct and watch them doing their own penguins. Let them expand their skills and they will surprise you with their creative minds, I guarantee.

9. Paint Chip Christmas Cards Paint Chip Christmas Cards

Who’s a painter; this will make a lot of sense to you. You can make a card with such theme and leave some calm colors, not shouty ones. Keep it simple and elegant at the same time.

10. Paint Chip Christmas Cards Candy cane Presents

Collect the candy canes this month and invest them into this unique décor. You only need papers (choose whichever color you like), a pencil, marker pen and candy canes. Hope Santa treats you well this year.

11. Olaf Hugs Olaf Hugs

To make your job easy, buy Olaf stickers or draw one if you ae good enough. Stick Olaf on the clear Blue hard paper since it correlates with winter. Add the snowflakes and leave a warm message on top…. Let Olaf deliver the hugs. The cold never bothered him anyway.

12. Pop up Maroon Card Pop up Maroon Card

I will buy anything in maroon, it is just a perfect color and anything in it looks good. Here is a card with a pop up Christmas gifts building up like a Christmas tree. All done by scissors and papers, nice!

13. Tea Light Snowmen Tea Light Snowmen

You can decorate the wall with snowmen by painting the tea light base into eyes and mouth, and then add a hat, earmuffs and a scarf to your snowman. Black, White and red on a plane wall are just enough.

14. Christmas Button Wreath Christmas Button Wreath

Nothing goes to waste. You can make a wreath using your old buttons or you may actually buy some from the store so you can get the shade you want. Good thing about this wreath, you can always reuse the buttons for your next DIY project because the buttons won’t get destroyed for this.

15. Keepsake Chalkboa Keepsake Chalkboard

Slice a log into 2 or more slices, depending on your preferences. Insert a rope, preferably the burlap kind for managing the gravity forces. Spray the chalkboard paint and let it dry for some time. Next; let kids have fun with it and express their mind images through art.

I hope these were quite helpful. Please leave a comment below!

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