15 Sparkling Do it Yourself Design Ideas To Lighten Up Your Daily Life

15 Sparkling Do it Yourself Design Ideas To Lighten Up Your Daily Life 12

15 Sparkling Do it Yourself Design Ideas To Lighten Up Your Daily Life 12

15 Sparkling Do it Yourself Design Ideas To Lighten Up Your Daily Life

Things of glimmer and twinkle are great for brightening up your home, friends, family and even your own life. Better yet, to accomplish this task would seem difficult, time consuming or expensive but, we got good news, none of the above is true and it’s all good. If you’re fed up with the same ol’ same ol’ kind of decorations or DIY ideas that you normally see, then park your eyes on these tips. Whether you like to sparkle up balloons or create a new glamorous item, this fantastic concise list has at least one idea that everyone can use. You’ll be able to jazz up your lifestyle with these fifteen different DIY crafts easily without hassle.

Glitter sphere ornament: Wrap twine around a small balloon, apply some glue and glitter and bam!, you’ll have a great lasting glistening ornament.


Sparkling candles: Take plain candle sticks, apply adhesive and then sprinkle on some glitter powder to make your evening and night even brighter!

Mug “dipped” in glitter: Make any mug better and easier to find by applying gold glitter to its bottom-half.

Glistening “Cherries”: Soften some red chewable candies and sprinkle them with edible bright red glitter the enhance the look of any cherry-topped dish.

Shoe Shine: Turn your old drab shoes into a show-piece of the 1980s and they’ll get double-take head turns too, by shining them up with coarse silver glitter.

Sequined Wall: Go all out and make the best looking wall in the neighborhood. For the best results, put many straight rows of nails onto the wall and hang shiny metallic discs from the nails. Otherwise, use spray on glitter paint.

Sparkly Starbucks: Grab your insulated refill cup from a Starbucks shop, remove the inner liner and spread glitter onto the exterior of the inner liner. You might just a few free refills.

Star-bright Sticks: Celebrate any party better and brighter with these star-studded party favors sparklers sticks. Remember, play safely.

Bold Branches: Transform any regular tree branch into a shiny statement, with silver glitter of course!

Glistening Glasses: Make any and all your glass containers extra extravagant by just simply adding different colors of glitter.

Delightful Disco Ball: Take any spherical paper-lantern and convert into the perfect translucent and reflective disco ball. Great for cool lighting, and even parties.

Golden Heart Pillow: Carefully spread gold glitter onto a plain pillow in the shape of a heart to create this soft symbol of love.

Sparkly Stair Steps: Create a nice “Swarovski” crystal effect on your stairs with some sheets of plexiglass and common coarse glitter.

Revitalized Ribbon: Grab any durable roll of ribbon and glitterfy it. It will add pizzazz to any gift wrapped with this shiny ribbon.

Gold Tipped Feathers: Dip feathers into a glittery solution into a bowl to really let your fashion wings spread and fly.

Glitter Globes: and finally, simple cover any already inflated balloon with adhesive and glitter to spruce up any party or picnic.

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