15 Unique DIY Desk Organizing Ideas

5.3 Layers Wooden Office Desk Organizer

5.3 Layers Wooden Office Desk Organizer

5.3 Layers Wooden Office Desk Organizer

Desks can be messy at times. They are places where we spend time working either with DIY projects, cooking, sewing or doing homework. And it takes few minutes to find it disorganized while working on it because of the tools we use can be flying all over the desk. This is why you need a plan for this. It will make your desk organized and spacious all the time. That way, it will make it easier for you to reorganize the desk by return back the tools into their most organized places after work; cleaning the desk shouldn’t be the stress anymore.

To be organized in everything is not easy but once you do, you simplify your life. When the environment around you is well organized, it increases your work efficiency. Neat is better than rough. The following are the easiest and costless ideas you can use to organize your desk.

1.Manson Jar Desk Organizer

Manson Jar Desk Organizer

These jars are most useful jars in DIY. They can organize your desk in the unique ways you want them to. Here, are covered by white and black prints but you may decide your something else to accompany your theme.

2.Tin Can Organizer

Tin Can Organizer

We buy so much in tin cans these days. What to do is you don’t throw the cans when tomato paste finishes. DIY still has purposes for them and here is one of them.

3.DIY Wood Photo Frame

DIY Wood Photo Frame

A desk can be organized in woody taste like this little cute box which not only organizers desk stuff but also has captured your cherished moments. It is a great personalized décor and organizer.

4.Gold Pencil Holder

Gold Pencil Holder

Gold is classic but that shouldn’t limit you to paint the tins in other color, any that suits your theme. Keeping your stationery in our, this ordinarily extraordinary will do.

5.3 Layers Wooden Office Desk Organizer

3 Layer Wooden Office Desk Organizer

It having three layers, gives more room to keep your things and more space on the desk to work with. Besides that, it is stylish. Keep it stylish like that.

6.Homework Books Organizer

Homework Books Organizer

I understand the struggle of misplacing books and forgetting homework. This should be able to ease the struggle by organizing your homework right in front of you on your studying table. When things are organized, it is easy to keep truck.

7.Wine Corks Organizing Board

Wine Corks Organizing Board

I have seen many boards but this one is different, it is unique. I like the feel of wine in it. It can also be a great wall art while being an organizer and note reminder in front of your working desk.

8.Plastic Pipes Desk Organizer

Plastic Pipes Desk Organizer

Spend less time and money, attain more space, keep your area organized, and store more things. It is one among simple DIY projects out of plastic which you can find in any hardware store.

9.Box Desk Organizer

Box Desk Organizer

Anyone can do this; it is easy compilation of small cut boxes that form multiple sections fir storage and better organization.  It is a beautiful light piece, perfect for a desk.

10.Magnetic Make-up Board

Magnetic Make-up Board

Where are girls at? This is for you. Easy and fascinating project you should think of doing. I promise it will simplify much f your make-up work. It will reduce the desk mess because most of it will be hanging on the wall.

11.Coral Night Stand Organizer

Coral Night Stand Organizer

These are basically toilet paper rolls transformed into a coral night stand with stencils. Make your desk an interesting place to hang around, if it is boring, you won’t like it and you won’t work.

12.Glass Cylinders’ Organizer

Glass Cylinders’ Organizer

You can get these cylinders at the dollar store. Buy different sizes for a better appearance. Then paint them by a metallic spray, rose gold is more chic. Glue them on the board and let them dry completely.

13.Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Toilet Paper Roll Holders

Tired of losing paper clips? Probably because you do not organize them well and you think it is expensive to have a desk organizer. Well, this is simplest project where you can toilet paper rolls can contain the paper clips, pens, pencils, sharpies, scissors and all other writing tools.

14.DIY Faux Leather Pencil Cup

DIY Faux Leather Pencil Cup

When school opens, people shop for new clothes and supplies but don’t waste your money for desk organizers. You can make this fancy faux leather pencil holder costless.

15. Kid’s desk Organizer

Kid’s Desk Organizer

You can do this with your kids, make them involved and they will treasure and love it the most. Kids are moved with cartoons rather than some plane stuff. Make more of these and keep them occupied on their desk, it will be their happy place.

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