16 Awesome Methods to Refresh Your Aging Furniture

16 Awesome Methods to Refresh Your Aging Furniture 11

Good furniture lasts a long time. You have probably come across so much different furniture in different styles, shapes, sizes and colors so some will sturdy, colorful and attractive and some will need your help to revitalize its beauty and reinforce its sturdiness and add even some utility. However, sometimes it can become to look dilapidated, dated and out of style especially if you want to keep it for a long years to come. So, whether you like to collect and refinish antique relics, browse around neighborhoods to fetch free furnishings, or get hand-me-downs from relatives, we got 15 great ideas on how to improve your junk stuff into cool furniture that will have spunk and look buff!

If you have an “artist” in your home who likes to draw on things almost everywhere? Spray white dry-erase paint onto the front of something and give dry-erase color markers to the little artist.

Take and old TV stand or restaurant bus-boy cart and brighten it up with a simple ‘ombre’ paint motif. Even paint the wheels!

A simple office chair need not be so generic or bland. You can make it stand out in the sea of furnishings by re-upholstering it with a snappy colorful pattern.

Maybe you couldn’t refuse to get a vintage settee from your grandparents or an antique shop. Well, add a modern twist to this Victorian piece with re-upholstering and solid stripes of different paint.

Find a plastic inexpensive basket and completely wrap some colorful rope around the basket.

Create a beautiful plaque place holder from a metal dish, paint and vinyl stick-on-letters.

Stitch together a few different light dish towels to fashion a long and slender table clothe.

Stitch together a few different light dish towels to fashion a long and slender table clothe.

When you want beautiful storage bins or carry-totes, then grab a few plastic containers and repaint them with a rustic shade.

For some cute shadow boxes or display boxes, fetch some wooden trays, adhesive tape and wall-paper.

Pick up a bundle of plastic or glass costume jewelry gems and affix them to walls, mirrors and windows to get a bedazzling awesome effect.

Sometimes rubbish bins can be too simple and so unattractive. Give it a second chance by wrapping rustic or colorful rope around the bin.

Surprise everyone with how froogal and cute this mirror is. Can you believe It’s made of plastic spoons-heads!?

Usually every home has plastic toys around. For a shiny effect that will jump out at you, paint the toys with metallic coats, silver and gold.

Add accent to your patio or other outdoor spot with these DIY rattan-like ball lights.

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