16 Easy DIY String Art For Great Wall Decor

16 Easy DIY String Art For Great Wall Decor 6

Art is imagination and skill. Anyone can imagine and some skills do not need you to be super genius, you just need someone to show you how and the rest is easy. Have you ever heard of string art? Well, today I will show you and share the simplest tutorial for it. There are varieties of string art but all have basic technique which I will explain and share some pictures of different string art projects for you to see how beautiful this art is and pick your favourite project to try.


First, let’s find out the materials you will need.





Linoleum Nails




3M Hanging Strips


Create your Word/Picture Template

Know what you want to string out and print it out on a sheet of paper. Make sure the words or image is big enough to be visible. Leave a little space about 2-3com between letters.

Place your Template at the Centre &Cut the Board

This may be a wooden word or corkboard (2 corkboards glued together).Lay it on the board and cut it into a size and shape you want which will fit and look good with your template. If you’re using a corkboard, do not trim it with board bladder, it will totally shred and fall apart instead use scissors.

Paint your Board

. You many choose to paint to give a colourful background or leave it in brown (wood) colour.

Apply your Hanging Strips

This step too is optional for those who will like to hang their art on the wall.

Outline your Template

With pressure, pin the template into the board through the paper by outlining your word or image. Use a hammer to do it. Tracing takes some time, be patient.

Remove your Template

Slowly start removing the paper with template, leaving the nails in place.

String your Canvas

You are now ready to string. This is the most fun part. You may use mixture of colours or one colour of the string. Use back and forth motion and let it flow. You can unwind where your weave doesn’t come out great and redo it. That’s how generous stringing is.

Frame & Hang it.

If your art is meant to lean on the wall beside your table, go ahead…this project is done. If you want to hang it, framing it with duck tape to give it a smart edge then hang it on your wall.

As you have read, this project is inexpensive. Most of the tools you’ll use, you probably already have them.

The following are 16 examples of string art, I hope you like them.


I hope you now have a project in mind and confidently able to DIY a string art. This is a very beautiful home decor and can be a handmade gift to your beloved ones. All the best when giving it a try and enjoy the results of your work.

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