17 Smart What can a Pallet Do Ideas

1.DIY Pallet Plaque

You might be having idle pallets at your place and completely unaware of the décors you could do with them. Well, I am about to share with you 17 simple DIY pallet related ideas.

DIY Pallet Plaque

Just pieces of woods, painted in a calm color rope and a clip are all you need for this project. Instead of a plane wall, this would make your wall busy. You can hang your photo or a mirror. All together makes a vintage décor.

DIY Pallet Sofa

No money for a fancy sofa? Worry not; you can make your own kind of fancy sofa. This would take a large pallet so you can disassemble the long wood pieces needed for the sofa base and back. You will need a saw to help you cutting the pieces into the correct measurement for your ideal sofa, enough nails and a harmer. After the skeleton is done, you may choose to paint or leave it as it is then add the cushions with pillows. You may add a stool pallet as well. Everything is perfect and this could be your reading nook or just a place you want to have a fresh air with a cup of coffee.

DIY Coffee Cups Pallet

Is there anyone else who loves coffee as I do? I really can’t let a day pass without drinking at least 2 cups. Out of love of coffee, I came up with this idea. You can try is as well. Alternative way of arrange cups in a good and beautiful order.

DIY Pallet Peg Board

Pegboards make perfect addition to any DIY space or office. Supplies for this simple project are pallet wood, masonry nails and drill. Decide the length you would want for a pegboard and measure where to drill in the masonry nails into the board. Then pre-drill the holes for easier construction. Fix it on your wall, in dining room or even bathroom. It creates versatile up and out the way storage.

DIY Pallet Trunk

These wooden trunks have been so famous during the old days where pirates would store their treasures. Since the storage is the case here, DIY brings to you a pallet trunk. Name explains itself. So again, all you need is a pallet, nails and a harmer (or driller if using screws). That is another trick to add more space in your house.

DIY Spoon and Pallet Hook Rack

Clearly, this is creativity. Who would have thought of such unique and fascinating hook rack? It will definitely make a statement on your entry door way.

DIY Pallet Over the Sink Shelf

I have always liked the idea of the over sink shelf. It is a nice solution to creating more space and helping to de-clutter in your kitchen. Here is one made out of pallet. You can place plants, soaps, baskets or any other thing that you need to be close to you by the sink or window.

DIY Magic Storage Pallet Sofa

This is a simple pallet painted sofa. But the magic comes with its capacity to maximize storage space underneath. Then automatically, you have a nice place to seat as well as more space to store books and magazine. It is a comfortable place to read and have a cup of tea.

DIY Pallet Desk

Vintage is the new black, if you know what I mean. Hahaha! This is majestic. You do not need a $500 desk for your little home office desk. Pallet is cheap yet elegant.

DIY Pallet Coat Hanger.

Sometimes we may want to have the functional wall for some exclusive functions like displaying decors, to hang items and store some items of interest to that particular wall area. If you are considering a beautiful model of shelf and rack then here is an option. The DIY rustic pallet coat rack with shelf can be beautifully made to perform for all these special functions at once.

DIY Pallet Armchair.

Use recycled wooden pallets for your own creation. Practice your creativity and welcome the coolest season ever with self-made chair. This chair is to make you feel comfortable at your patio or in your garden. Enjoy the spring weather.

DIY Pallet Tree Shelf

This is a shelf that sets calm and natural ambience; the tree shelf. All done by pallet. It is a nice décor, yet more space to put your books, photo frames and lamps on a shelf.

DIY Pallet Box

I saw this done on Facebook and thought of sharing it with you. It is a huge wooden box made of pallets. You can do a lot of things with it such as storing rubbish containers in, transform it into dog house or make it your working area on top and store your working tools inside.

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Wine Rack

So instead of buying a new wine rack, you can actually make one; a pallet wall mounted wine rack and spend nothing on it.

DIY Pallet Wall Rack

Making pallet racks can be easy and fun. Here is one with storage space. Design your style, attach it to your wall and store your stuffs.

DIY Bike Rack

Again, you can transform old pallets into cheap, sturdy bike rack. Kids can be too disorganized and forgetful with packing their bikes after riding, this will help them to be more organized and minimize the risks of them being hurt by sharps bike edges.

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