18 Amazing Christmas Dollar Store Decorations

2. Winter Cottage

I am all about saving up. The more I save up, the better it all is. During this festive winter season, I happen to like budgeting so that I do not over spend on decorations or anything else really. I discovered that I can save up by buying my decorations from any dollar store that I find. I did not have to specifically buy Christmas related decorations. Instead, I would buy random objects and make my own personalized Christmas decorations. If you would like to do both save up and show off your artistic side, here are a few ideas for you to use for your decorations this Festive season.

Spoon Christmas Tree

This is such a creative and fun idea for you to try out this Christmas! To make this Christmas tree, you can buy some plastic spoons from any dollar store. Spray paint the spoons with either gold or silver paint. You can then choose whether to glue the spoons together at their heads or the opposite site. It does not matter which side you choose because you still end up with a creative Christmas tree.

Winter Cottage

Most likely under the toy section in dollar stores you are to find little doll houses or play cottages. You can simply buy one of these cottages and turn them into an amazing Christmas decoration. You will simply have to paint over the cottage so that it is completely white. You can then place this cottage on a tray and put in some fake snow onto the tray. Cover the tray with a glass cover or jar. This will turn that simple cottage into a beautiful cottage in a globe.

Glass stand and Candy Cane Christmas Tree

This is quite an easy to do decoration. You can use a little glass stand so to act as the main trunk of this Christmas tree. On the glass jar, place a white cone, then, you stick some candy canes onto the cone. This will make a little creative Christmas tree with color.

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Popsicle sticks can be found in most dollar stores. You can buy a whole lot of these sticks. You can then stick them together to make some snowflakes. After you stick them together and have dried up, you can then paint over them. It is that simple as that.

Cone and Beads

For the cones, you can simply use party hats. On top of the hats, place sticks or plastic rods and stick them there so to make the cone longer. Cover the cone and the stick with a brown paper so to make it look like a bigger cone. You can then simply stick some spray painted golden beads on to the paper cone. You can put a single Christmas light on the top of this tree.

Christmas Street Lamp

This is absolutely a unique Christmas decoration. It basically involves making a little street light. You can paint the light pole white and wrap around it a red ribbon or tape so that it will be red and white. Place this pole onto a circular surface. Add some flake snow to finish the look.

Light Shades

These light shades are not your ordinary shades. They are very easy to make. All you have to do is dip some thread into some papier Mache glue and wrap this thread around a blown balloon. The size of the balloon will determine the size of the light lamp as well. When the glue has dried up, you can then pop the balloon and spray paint the circular shade you have made. You can then simply add some add some lights to the shades and voila!

Tree Light Shades

These are made in the exact way as the simple light shades above. Only this time, the light shades are to be painted with some natural colors. You can place these lights outside on your verandahs or up in the trees.

Christmas Boards

This is definitely one of the simplest decorations to make. You will need a Christmas themed cloth or gift wrap and a large cardboard board. Simply stick the paper or cloth onto the board so that it fully covers one side of the board. You can add a string so to be able to hang this Christmas board.

Little penguins

Penguins are associated with the winter and so this penguin decoration is perfect for the winter holiday festive season. You paint over some light bulbs to make these little penguins. You can then choose to place these on a surface with some fake snow, or stick a string on them so to be able to hang them in your Christmas tree.

Glam Garland Wreath

Wreathes are a big part of Christmas decorations. So, here is an easy and cheap way to make your own wreath. Wrap some Christmas ribbons onto some circular loops. The size of the loop will determine the size of your garland wreath.

Homemade Plastic Ball Ornaments

This definitely is the easiest and cheapest idea that I have tried out! It basically involves wrapping any ordinary plastic ball with a cloth that has Christmas colors on it. You can finish this ornament by tying the cloth with some Christmas colored ribbons.

Paper Christmas trees

This is the cheapest way to make little Christmas trees. You can cut out some small circular papers. On these pieces of paper, cut out some decorations as well. Then, stick them onto a kebab stick with a little space between them. It is just as simple as that.

Plastic Ball Snowman Head

To make this, you can use a clear plastic ball. Inside the ball, you can put some fake snow. You can then glue on the ball a sock or a cloth with some Christmas patterns on them. Stick on the ball some eyes, mouth and nose and place this with your other decorations.

Ho ho ho Christmas Décor

This decoration involves using lettering. Use a board to write some Christmas related words. Then add some other Christmas ornaments and ribbons to complete these doors.

Christmas Vases

This basically involves placing some Christmas decorations into some vases. These will look absolutely amazing if the vases are colorless or white. Place in these vases some Christmas decorations that are one color so that they stand out.

Glass jar Snowman

For this, you can use an ordinary glass jar. Coat the outside with some papier Mache glue then stick some fake glue on it. You can then add a little Christmas ribbon for the scarf. You can use a plastic ball for the head.

Christmas Wall Art

To make this, write some lines from a catchy Christmas song on a manila paper. Decorate it and paint it with some Christmas colors. To finish this decoration, you simply will have to frame the paper and hand it on your wall.

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