20 DIY Ideas to Remodel Your Wall

18.DIY Birch Tree Painting

Today, let us talk about wall décor. How can you spice up the walls of your house? Check out our 20 DIY Wall decor ideas.

DIY Tassel Garland

This tassel garland is very easy and cheap. Perfect idea for weddings and parties. Materials needed here are; colored tissue paper, a ruler, glue gun, scissors, a pen or pencil and some twine. Fold your whole tissue paper, three times; once lengthwise and twice widthwise. Measure 2 inches from the top, mark it and cut straight up till you reach your mark. Do the same to the next 2 cm till end of your folded paper. Now open the paper cut it into smaller pieces as on the picture. Roll one into the other for every piece. Twist the centre just to make it stay; bring the two ends together using a glue, leaving a small hole for a rope that will hang them on the wall.

DIY Paper Flower Medallion.

You will need a cardboard (or plastic plate for a base), pencil, compass, staples, stapler, glue, exacto knife, scissors, wire and good stock of papers. You may use colored ones or just book pages. Begin by cutting out the cardboards in circles. Then cut the pages from your book or from any paper (they should be in same size). Roll them into cone-like shape and staple them to the perimeter.  Overlap your rings of cones starting from the edges. Then you go all the way around your circle till you finalize at the centre. You will be gluing along the side of the cone, few inches from top and down to the staple at the bottom, the press the gluey cone to the cardboard. Let it dry for sometime before you rock it on your wall.

DIY Herringbone Canvas Art

This pattern is fascinating. It is named after the herring’s bone structure grouped together. It is a good idea for a wall art in your bedroom or bathroom. This is to add a little touch of color to a boring and dull room. All you need is a canvas of your choice, acrylic paint and your creativity.

DIY Stenciled Wall Art

This is something that could be easily removed. Decide the color and the design. This is a lace-inspired wall pattern. It carries an accent wall décor projects.

DIY Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror

These mirrors can be really expensive in stores, so a friend thought of doing one at almost zero prices. This project is accomplished using paint sticks, small piece of wood for the back, a round mirror, needlepoint ring and a spray paint. It is a beautiful piece of art for your sitting room.

DIY Layered Burlap Monogram

Layers of burlap, scrapbook paper glued to a wooden plaque, letter, and wooden scroll laser cut-out all held together by hot glue.

DIY Spray Paint Flowered Art

This is a very easy and cheap project, not only that but also consumes a little time…approximately 30 minutes. A piece of art board, spray paint and flowers from your garden or the fake ones from shop (that can lay flat on your board) is all you will need to make your own inexpensive, unique and amazing wall art.

DIY Fired Ink Art

It is so easy and fun to make that you can even try doing this project with your kids at home or even at school if you are an art teacher. But kids need to be disciplined and highly careful because you will be working with fire. Start with removing the glass from your photo frame, pour some drops of alcohol ink on the glass then begin to swirl it with rubbing alcohol. Light the alcohol on fire. As they burn, that’s how a beautiful design is made. Once fire is all out burned out, cover the glass with white paper and put it into your frame.

DIY Floral Letter Wall Art

Do you like personalizing your decorations? This could be something you want to try. Bring the spring touch in your house using simple DIY steps. You use artificial flowers, cardboard, pencil and hot glue gun. This can also be a great décor for a baby shower party.

DIY Abstract Art

This is another spring decor idea. Who wants to get messy with painting project and end up having a beautiful wall art for yourself as a reward? Fine, let’s get to business.

DIY Huge Chalkboard

If you have always wanted a big huge chalkboard in your home, I hope this will help not only as a wall décor but could be a place for your blessings , prayers or to-do list in your room or a place for your kids to practice their handwriting and mathematics in their library.

DIY Silverware Artwork

Have you ever thought of a silverware wall art piece? Here is one and it is an amazing artwork. Using picture frames, paints, silverware and glue can work this out.

DIY Bulletin Boards

These beautiful handmade bulletin boards were made using the IKEA heat boards, wrapped by a colorful piece of cloth of different designs.

DIY Fruit Print Artwork

This wall art brings a great natural atmosphere. Use a washable inkpad, cut your favorite fruits and vegetables, ink them and press them on the paper while applying even pressure for best results. Texture ideas could be carrot root, celery stem, potato tuber, corn on the cob, orange or lemon and cabbage leaves.

DIY Fabric Canvas Artwork

Without a lot of cash, this project can be done. All you have to do is placing a fabric over back of frame, pulling tightly and stapling it, and it is ready!

DIY Yarn Letter Artwork

This is very simple to make plus you don’t need complicated materials for it. Just a piece of a box where you will draw down your letter or word, then using scissors you will cut out the word. Next, wrap the box with yarn till the box is completely covered. You can stick it on the wall, above your family photo frames and all together will look totally awesome.

DIY Painted Wood Sign

I admit that these painted wooden signs are completely free of cost. Cut a plywood to the size you want, use paper to help you with any rough spots then paint two coats for the under color and one coat for the outer color. Now, choose a font and print it out, tape the print ours to wood planks and trace out the lines by pencil and paint the letters. Let it dry and hang it on your wall.

DIY Birch Tree Painting

It is not as hard as it may seem. It doesn’t even need elementary art class knowledge. Interested in trying out this paint? Try out with my simple tutorial. First, tape off canvas using different width of masking tape. Paint the background and paint the birch trees too. Then using an old credit card to dip the edges into the paint, place the edges onto the paper perpendicular to your working surface and pushing down on the card, scrape along the paper. Continue for all the masking tapes and soon you will have a whole forest of birch trees.

DIY CD Wall Art

Most people end up throwing them out scratched and old CDs but here is a handmade gift with recycled CDs. It is pretty cool and unique.

DIY Boom Wall Art

Lastly is this fascinating wall art, looking so much expensive than what it really costs. You will need smooth balls, bamboo skewers, gold and black metallic spray paint. Spray the balls in black or white, insert the skewers about one quarter inch in until the ball is evenly covered by them then spray the center onto the base of skewers to create an ombre. Attach and adhesive Velcro tab to attach them on the wall.

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