Fifteen İncredible DIY Garden Redecorating Ideas by using Rocks

Fifteen İncredible DIY Garden Redecorating Ideas by using Rocks 14

Nature and the great outdoors are full of awe, beauty and wonder. Even just outside your home there is often a beautiful view or simply a nice patch of grass and trees that anyone can appreciate. Nature is also full of durable and easily obtainable resources. Which resources you may ask – stones, rocks and pebbles of course. We put together a great concise list of tips and tricks on how you can decorate your outdoor space, whether it will be a garden, patio, walkway or even the yard by using those very stones and things. Better yet, they are natural and you get them from various locations around your neighborhood or possibly a not so distant forest without spending a dime, so you can save your money for a later bigger project. When searching for what you need, be sure to be getting the right quantity and size stones so you can put together all of these DIY ideas all very nicely. Well, let’s get rocking and rolling with these stones.

Stepping Stones Path: Paint figures of nature onto large stones, or paint different solid colors onto many small stones and arrange them into the figures.

Gabion Wall: Make a short wall of stones encased in squared-fence wire to add a wonderful tier of land.

Caterpillar: Give eternal life to an indestructible and happy new friend: a colorful rock caterpillar.

Spiraling-Stones Walkway:  Lay down an array of spiraling stones onto your most frequented walkway. Wow, it looks like a trail of snails. Note: this is for the really adventurous hobbyists.

Stone-Legged Table: Take the gabion concept, but in portions, and put a flat stone tabletop and some rail-road ties on top of the gabion pieces to make a durable seating place.

Life-sized Replicas:  To make a really good long lasting impression, why not make some real-life-looking replicas of a tree, a car and a fountain.

Garden Signposts: For your precious garden full of life, fruits and vegetables, paint and label rocks with different colors and words to mark where plants are growing.

Bench: Remember the gabion tip from before? Yes, of course. Use that again to make hard rock bench to sit on.

Tic-Tac-Toe: Create this fun-filled table of tic-tac-toe stone pieces and toadstool top to let everyone play a game and enjoy their free time.

Hanging Stone Heart:  Put together this symbol of everlasting love in the shape of a big heart. It can be a Valentine’s gift that keeps on giving!

Very Berry Stones:  We can say that this DIY “kills two birds with one stone”, hehe. Make imitation strawberries from painting rocks red and with black dots, and they will decorate your garden and simultaneously confuse birds who want to eat them.

Cactus Mini Garden: Paint rocks green of different shapes and sizes to make a cute little garden of cacti.

Stone Streaming Fountain: To show off your artistic side and your appreciation for nature in motion, be sure to put together a stack of rocks to make a cool water fountain.

Big Foot!: Not only humans and other living organisms can have feet. You can make these curvaceous durable feet from just rocks, and lay them in your yard.

Glowing Walkway: Give your yard and walkways a new brightly illuminating look by simply applying glow-in-dark paint to 40 or 50 small rocks, or even gravel.

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