Murphy Beds DIY Galore

10 Secret compartment murphy bed

10 Secret compartment murphy bed

Murphy Beds DIY Galore

Murphy beds will always be a great idea especially if you live in a space that is small and perhaps you have a big family or love to have friends over. Murphy beds are great as they let you economize on space and with all the technology today one can have various styles that blend in with the look of your home.

Pull out Murphy bed

This is a great addition to your home, it is easy to set up once bed time is near, all you need to do is pull out the Murphy bed and set up your sleeping area. It looks like a chest of drawers when hidden

Shelved murphy bed

This Murphy bed hides in plain sight, looking like a shelf where one could put up a few things that are easy to remove before bed time. It’s also big and allows for a double bed.

The wardrope Murphy bed

Can be used in an apartment studio or a house with a single room that wants to optimize space but still have a big bed. When the bed is not set up it looks like a wardrope, this DIY trick blends in with the room.

Murphy bunk beds

This DIY trick is great if you have kids, it saves up on space and allows you to have sleeping space for two people. Amazing!

Simple fold up bunk Murphy bed

This plain but efficient murphy bed is a bunk bed too. Rolls up into storage and can be repainted to blend in with your home.

Antique murphy bed storage

This DIY trick shows you how to make your murphy bed look like an antique box that is storing hidden ancient reassure. It will look great in any room and it will seem as though you have a lot of money invested into it. Wait till you open it to unveil a bed..

Old bookshelf murphy bed

If you love books this look might blend in well with your home, you can place it in the corner of you room and it will look like an ordinary book shelf.

Black chest of drawers murphy bed

This DIY Murphy bed is great as it is black and black tends to go with anything. This chest of drawers looks great and all you need to o is pull it out to set up your sleeping area.

Tilled murphy bed

This DIY trick is glamorous, fancy, and will suit you if you like to keep up with a minimalistic effortless look. This bed hands directly from the wall and looks great in small spaces.

Minimalistic murphy bed

This murphy bed is very simple and great if you are looking for one that doesn’t involve a lot of work once installing. It’s great because it is big and blends in with the rest of the furniture.

Secret compartment murphy bed

This DIY murphy bed hides in plain sight, a great addition to your home.


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