10 Great Decorate With Miniature For Cute Gardens

Reflecting something to its smaller size, that is what so called miniature. Miniatures carry all the beauty in a smaller scale and give you a chance to own this beauty in your house, shops and museums. There are so many types of miniatures and you may want them to be symbolic or just home decoration. I remember back then when I really wanted to buy house, I did research and knew what kind of a house I wanted to live in the next 5 years. When I was settled with my decision, I made a miniature of my future house and placed it in my room so it kept reminding me how important it is to save money in order to buy the house of my dream. Today, I own that house.

Example of a house miniature; (photo 16)

Look, here is another house miniature. This is an old house. I love the art of it; it obviously tells you that this is an old abandoned house. It is awesome design for the rustic decoration. Isn’t it creative? (photo 17 )

From the picture above, you can obviously notice the plants growing. I will focus there on the plants, specifically gardens. I will share with you several garden miniatures you may like. Here are few collections of them, I hope you find them beautiful and try to make one for yourself.

1.Jar Garden

Jar Garden

This is simply made and yet beautiful. The beauty of it in mainly on the jar’s transparency where you can see everything within including the little water falls. It is a coolest idea because this garden is moveable and doesn’t make your place dirty.

2.Garden swing and Picnic Set

Garden Swing and Picnic Set.

Most of the time, kids will be swinging by the tree where fresh air is and parents or mom and her friend will chatting aside with cup of coffee while looking after the kids so to make sure kids are safe. This same concept made this miniature. It represents the peace and togetherness and fun the family can have.

3.Fairy Garden for Small Backyards

Fairy Garden for Small Backyards

Parents mistakenly think fairy garden are only for kid. They are funnier to do it with them and that way, you’ll show them how much you care for them and support them. In fact, they will learn better on how to look after their gardens.

4.Beach Fairy Garden

Beach Fairy Garden

For those who love the beaches like me, this may interest you. It is perfect for summer decorations in your garden using simple tools to give you the feeling you want.

5.Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardens

Here are more ideas on fairy gardens.

6.Pebble Mosaic Garden Path

Pebble Mosaic Garden Path

You may have a fairy house readymade, now here is a stunning garden path idea which will totally blow your little fairy friend’s mind. You will need clay with rocky colors, rolled into smaller balls, flattened then divided into two halves. There might be a need to freeze them for few minutes just to cool them before laying them on the board following the design of your ideal path. It requires patience because you have to glue one “stone” at a time.

7.Garden Accessory

Garden Accessory

Well made with plastic packaging, wooden sticks and string. You can use any little round plastic bottle without its lead, and then cover it with wooden sticks which are longer than of the container. Make a handle with 3 sticks, two longest sticks opposite each other, one crossing between to join the two sticks. Use a rope for finishing and that’s it.

8.Landscape Gardens

Landscape Gardens

You can decide to make your garden on a flat surface but in the most fashionable way. This can be inside a wooden box, trolley or pot, basin or even a book.  All these will make a statement for your garden.

9.Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Garden

Bonsai is a Japanese way of growing a tree from a pot, meaning it is artificially dwarfed. This is a gorgeous art.

10.Tree House Garden

Tree house Miniature

This is another art made out of the tree house idea. It is simple, woody and heartwarming.

11.Park Garden

Park Garden

There is Bonsai and Mediterranean taste in this miniature. I love the concept of the blossoming fruit tree, clay pots and park bench. It goes with any style, wherever you place it, it will just go with its theme.

12.Basin Gardens

Basin  Gardens

Garden can also be made in a basin, here are few samples.

10 Great Decorate With Miniature For Cute Gardens 13

How to make your own Miniature House

The following series of pictures will guide you into making a smaller version of a Hobbit House. (photo 13, 14 & 15)

10 Great Decorate With Miniature For Cute Gardens 14

10 Great Decorate With Miniature For Cute Gardens 15

10 Great Decorate With Miniature For Cute Gardens 16

10 Great Decorate With Miniature For Cute Gardens 17