15 Cozy Design Ideas For Small and Functional Bathrooms

15 Cozy Design Ideas For Small and Functional Bathrooms 1

Hey, is your bathroom small and does it seem as if you’re not sure about how to redesign or redecorate it? Well, sure that is all too common for most of us who have small homes or apartments. But ah, don’t worry, because look on the bright side: sometimes small bathrooms are like a fun new challenge that is just waiting and ready for you to take on, and afterwards you will feel rewarded and content. Also, if your secondary bathroom is the small one, you should take care and pamper it just as much as its primary big brother. Really there is no excuse to neglect it or leave it bland without any beauty or function. Think of all the places in your home in which you spend the most time. Was the bathroom one of those places? Yes, of course. So help your bathroom once in order to help yourself many times over each and every-day by changing a few aesthetic, design and function aspects of your little lovely lavatory. Make sure that every element of your new bathroom motif is an effective effigy of your personal design-style so that you and everyone will want to visit the cute commode and stay longer. Alrighty then, let’s get going!

A mixture of white and ivory walls, countertops, and accessories really brighten up this water-closet.

Soft tones of off-white and marble colors along with rectangular shape-accents convey a very straight and tidy look.

Update just the portion of the bathroom with some bright contrasting colors and pretty accessories around the toilet and its cabinet for the perfect rosy red look.

The round shapes of a mirror, bowl-sink and accessories along with a rustic table add a wonderful warm touch.

For precious narrow bathrooms such as this, be sure to use an equally narrow sink and toilet but minimal accessories to maximize space and comfort.

Why not bring the jovial jungle to your bathroom by using leafy wallpaper and pictures of animals on walls!?

If you love a geometrical motif and accent and at the same time want your toilet and sink to serve more than function then install this setup.

Here’s a “three mode” layout: warm blue on the high wall, white at the middle level and checkered tan patterns on and around the floor.

Use this unusual but very useful hanging cabinet-sink combo and match the pattern of the medicine cabinet to create a fabulous functional system.

Keep the old and new together in a memorable yet fresh way by having new tiling and paint but also hang antique-like pictures of family and friends on walls.

Check out this tricked-out cabinet that’s not an ordinary cabinet but glides outwards and is full of organized trays for all your toiletries.

For “quarter-bathrooms” and powder-rooms, the rooms with only a sink, be sure to make it look warm and welcoming by placing soft lighting and some flowers there.

Did you like the recipe for sticky popcorn balls with golden butter? Oh yeah, they’re tasty. Bring that memory and excitement with popcorn-ball-like wallpaper, floor mats and a gold-framed mirror.

Feel cozy with this warm red forest backdrop on wall while at the same keep the bathroom bright and tidy with white everywhere else.

Go really rustic all over the lovely “le lieu” and apply this gallantly galvanized look onto walls and mirrors.

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