15 DIY Shabby Cheeky French Decor Ideas

15 DIY Shabby Cheeky French Decor Ideas 13

15 DIY Shabby Cheeky French Decor Ideas 13

15 DIY Shabby Cheeky French Decor Ideas

This set of DIY ideas will really funk up your home’s interior style in a really French and positively shabby way. Shabby doesn’t have to mean old or scruffy, but in the lighter sense of the word and in our list of tips, it means something has been carefully refinished for repurposing and for a new look. Have you ever thought that deliberately streaking, stressing or messily building or repainting decorative items in your home would be the fashionable “in” thing? Well, it is! The best thing about these little tricks is that you can do them with little expense and effort. From jars, to furniture to a homemade shabbified ladder, we got a very nice concise list of super shabbyrific decorations and modifications to put inside of and even outside of your home. Alright, let’s get some old stuff, a paintbrush, light pastel colors and make everything look newly different and splendidly shabby!

Fashionable Bottles & Jugs: Pieces of a burlap or “potato” bag and doilies jazz up any old jar, bottle or jug.

Blimy, They’re Bright Blue!: Glamourously and fabulously refinish any jars and metal cans with light blue paint.

Vinaigrette Furniture: Treat furniture just the same way that you treat a salad – with vinegar to make the furniture stressed and streaked.

Bold Suitcase: Make a bold statement with your luggage by taking any boring brown suitcase and making it light blue. Redecorate the insides too.

Candle Holders: Antique ladles or large serving spoons and some wood planks are perfect to make a candle holder.

Perfect Pomander Ball: This isn’t pomegranate, it’s a pomander! Make a ball of little flowers to beautify any place.

From Wall Molding – To Frame: Got any extra, cut or broken wall-molding? Cut their ends into angles and make a picture frame.

Painted Mason Jars:  Paint different shades of pink and blue on old jars and everybody will feel a nice jarring effect.

Frenchify The Fridge:  When the paint and shine of an old fridge is fading, just cover all that up with shabby paint.

Papier Mache Eggs Basket: Express your Easter holiday messages to everyone in French. Sure, why not. So write on little strips of paper and wrap them around papier mache eggs.

Cake Stand: Grab any tin cake food stand, even a cheap one from a discount store and shabbily paint it white.

Ornamental Crate Box: Fetch an antique small wooden crate, preferably one with French writing, and use it to decorate any outdoor place.

Faux Floral Foliage: Look around the home for some unused burlap (or hemp) fabric, doilies, fleece or linen rags and other little clothes to easily make your own artificial flowers.

Lovely Doily Candle Holder: Inflate a balloon, wrap and glue clothe placemats, coasters or doilies around the balloon to make wonderful candle holders.

DIY Log Ladder: Lurk and look in the backyard or any wooded area to make this cute little shabirific ladder.


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