15 Magic Methods to Find the Perfect Kitchen Color Scheme

Kitchen color schemes are the “In-Thing” these days. Color schemes are an important aspect of any part of your home, and especially for the kitchen. The colors in the kitchen should be an accent or compliment to the rest of the home, so as to create synergy and unity between it and other rooms.  For example – a blend of warm and cold colors such as soft white for furniture and cool brown for flooring or walls can make everyone feel welcome and will encourage everyone to stay in the kitchen longer. Finding and applying the right blend of colors for your kitchen can sometimes be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially if you’re remodeling the entire home or even if only the previous and new color schemes should be quite different. Whether you will be painting or replacing a few components of the kitchen or doing a whole new renovation project in the kitchen, we got more than few ideas which can help you. So, let’s wait no further and get started.

For starters, this kitchen has a nice mixture of soft light colors: grey, light blues and white. The brown wood floor offers a warm feel and at the same time draws your attention to the bright furnishings.

Modern paneled walls and modern cabinets along with brown flooring and a rustic-looking island create a great array of contrasting colors and textures.

An attractive combination of navy blue cabinets and white tiling along with stainless steel appliances and brown wood flooring makes a perfect “restaurant” look in the kitchen.

The bright white cabinets and appliances contrasting against a strong dark orange upper wall draws your attention to the pretty blue plates on that wall very nicely.

These three matching components – green walls, chairs and potted plants – put against bright white cabinets make a great expression about one’s fondness of nature.

Do you like oranges or peaches topped with cream? Hm, yes, they are delicious! So why not make your kitchen look “deliciously delectable” with copper metal and cream colors.

Show off your love and appreciation for water and nature by combining different shades of blue and one kind of white on walls and furniture.

Augment and complement your simply colored kitchen by placing quite different and contrasting dishware and other items around the kitchen.

If you like summer and tropical colors, then you’ll love this cream yellow, wild green, brown and charcoal mix of pigments.

If you like summer and tropical colors, then you’ll love this cream yellow, wild green, brown and charcoal mix of pigments.

For lovers of cool dark colors, go with a blend of off-gray, chocolate brown and glossy black to let you feel at ease.

Now this kitchen is really “ happenin’ “ and all the colors really jump out at you. The dark pink is so warm like soft love, yet the rich green is quite natural like an evergreen tree.

A clever cream-white-yellow blend on cabinets, white and bright green diamond pattern on walls and a splash of gray and black for appliances makes a delightfully fun kitchen.

Sunlight and white contrast wonderfully against purple and black, and even stainless steel in order to create the perfect eye candy for summertime.

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